Traps On The Internet – Movie Tips


The Internet and social media – the coolest technologies of the last few decades – do have their dark sides, too. Be it cyberbullying, hacking, or the scammers behind social media profiles, the media put a mirror before today’s society and its weaknesses.  This weekend’s movie tips address the topic of the traps that await us on the unexplored plains of the Wild Internet.


The age of internet is still in its infancy, and there are practically no rules for using it. Annie is a teenager who falls into a trap set by a pedophile who hides behind the chat profile of another adolescent.


Another negative side of the Internet is the Cyberbully. What is a problem in real life is multiplied when the aggressor is anonymous. Taylor is a teenager who suddenly becomes the centre of a cyberbullying episode and learns how even words can hurt. The film was presented as part of the campaign title “Rally to Delete Digital Drama”, the aim of which was to eliminate bullying not only from the internet but from real life, too.

The Social Network 

In the welling stream of the new and new social medias comes a moment of looking back at the time when the first social media platform was established and what a revolutionary step it was. Not the usual catchy retrospective built by a PR company, this is a movie Mark Zuckerberg probably won´t consider for his personal CD collection.


While the first movie of our weekly offer – Trust – suggests that the young are easy targets of deception, the documentary Catfish proves that adults can be, too. Nev documents his journey to the girl he met online and what a surprise is waiting for him when it comes to meeting her in person.


A drama that focuses at a few connected stories that link people and the consequences of using modern technologies, how they influence the lives and relationships of people, and how the world has shrunk into photographs and tweets.

Photo: IMDB

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