Training Course: Educate Me(dia)

International projects association “INPRO” is inviting young people to take part in a short "Educate Me(dia)" course that helps participants to develop media literacy skills, understand how to develop empathy with the message sender or receiver and how to be effective in communication. The even will be held from 24th to 30th of October 2016 in Rzeszow, Poland. Participation is fully funded. Deadline to apply is September 1st.


This course Educate Me(dia) is designed to be interactive and based on experiential learning.

It focuses on topics such as: media literacy in the digital age; teaching youth to critically read and create media; influences of media upon cultural identity, intercultural conflict management and intercultural communication.

Main criteria for Educate Me(dia)

  • Ages 18+;
  • Are involved in youth-related work;
  • Are able to communicate in English;
  • Are interested in media literacy;
  • Are willing to combat hate speech;
  • Express need for enriching knowledge on new non-formal education tools;
  • Express need for networking and sharing experiences with other youth workers;
  • Are ready to take part in the whole seminar;
  • Have organizational support for further youth activities.

The project has been financed by the Erasmus+ programme, so there is no participation fee. 

The costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organisation.

Travel tickets are refundable for the participants who attend the whole program and subject to giving the organisers all the return travel tickets and boarding passes.

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Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program

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