Tour Through Canada


Because travel for pleasure doesn’t have to end with the onset of autumn, we continue our virtual tour through individual countries via photographs.  Following Russia, which we featured last week, we continue this week with a visit to Canada, another spectacular and multicultural country, this one with two official languages.

Montreal, Canada / Photo: Pedro Szekely

Trans Canada Trail / Photo: Dennis Jarvis 

Point Wolfe Covered Bridge, Fundy Park, NB Canada / Photo: James Mann

Webster’s Falls, Ontario, Canada / Photo: paul bica

Houses of Parliament, Ottawa, Canada / Photo: Rick Ligthelm

Mt Seymour, Canada / Photo: andy_c

Coal Harbor, Vancouver / Photo: tdlucas5000

Dynamic Serenity, Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Canada / Photo: Andrew E. Larsen

Edmonton Thunderstorm / Photo: Kurt Bauschardt

Sandford Drawbridge, Yarmouth, Canada / Photo: Dennis Jarvis

Carmanah Lighthouse, West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island / Photo: Mike Beauregard

Pink Beach Boardwalk, Prince Edward Island Canada / Photo: Nicolas Raymond

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