Tour Of Uganda I. – Following The Lions

On a September morning we woke up early to follow the path of the lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This series of articles will take you on our safari to Uganda in the form of a  photogallery accompanied by short narrative fragments. The weather was not exactly favourable to us, since a slow but persistent rain was falling. We managed to spot other animals, but nowhere did we catch a glimpse of the lions.  Then, when the rain finally stopped, we got lucky.  At last, a golden silhouette was approaching from afar.

Our excitment turned to disappointment when we realised that our eyes had been tricked with the illusion of a lion.  Providence had sent us a dog instead.

This is not a lion

No way around it, the trip seemed to be “lion-less” for us. Until we came across a few solitary trees, and there they were.  Escaping the wet grass, the recently fed lions were lazily wallowing under the crown of a tree, posing in truly acrobatic positions. Seeing that they were not interested in us, we took courage and dared to jump onto the roof of our jeep to have a perfect view. After all, they are the Kings of the Animal Kingdom.

Lions relaxing on the tree

Sleepy lion in Africa

More about Uganda, read here.

Photos: Martina Advaney

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