Top Five Travel Songs for an Epic Playlist

Having a playlist for the road, can make any trip seem much more enjoyable. So, here are some great travel songs to get you inspired.

Music has a powerful way of impacting our lives in a multitude of ways. As humans, we have an emotional relationship with music and its various implications and this includes travel songs too. 

Music has the power to make us sad, and music has the power to make us feel joyful. Music also lends a hardcore layer of motivation as it helps us exercise and motivates us to excel in studies, careers, etc. 

Music also has the power to relax the mind and calm the body. With all these musical aspects, it’s hard to compare its power to other influential art forms.

 It feels like it was just yesterday when my dad would blast the RnB sounds of Toni Braxton or my mom filling the air with pop sensation Celine Dion heard from every corner of the house. 

I grew up with a wide range of music latching onto my eardrums and holding on with all its musical strength. There was no escaping it. 

Music became my focal point for all things creativity as I studied music full time through my middle school and high school studies. 

This sparked my desire to journey into the world of the music business and understanding its various avenues. However, the best parts of my life and my connection with music have been through traveling! 

Traveling whether it be through road trips, boat or train, have been a source of some of the best playlist I have created. 

Here are the top five travel songs to add to your travel playlist with a promise of an epic travel experience.


A Thousand Miles

“If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by?” 

If you are a karaoke fan such as myself and enjoy an epic sing-along during those long travels with loved ones, this song is crucial. 

The smooth and heart-warming styles of Vanessa Carlton are an essential song that will captivate the hearts of your fellow travellers. 

You truly can’t help but smile or feel a sense of warmth during this climatic rendition of all things love.


Travelling Alone

“Australian man, Scandinavian tan, kicking stones around a square, Sat for a while and carved out a smile as if someone would care.” This unique song surrounds an old man’s travel around the world while missing his beloved wife melts a traveller’s heart in the first 10-15 seconds. 

With folk music implication, Traveling Alone by English singer-songwriter Passenger soothes the hearts through deep thought and wandering mindfulness. 

This song will put you in a relaxing state filled with thoughts of memories and inner evolution.


Travelin’ Man

During an individual’s travels, it’s a perfect time to visit the world of vintage music. 

From songs of the 50’s to the Motown sounds of the 1960’s travel is one of the best ways to appreciate the evolution of music. One of my favourites to add to your travel playlist is a 1961 classic called Travelin’ Man by Ricky Nelson. 

The song discusses the lifestyle of a traveling man with a heart full of love as the individual longs for the girls of their travel years from places such as Germany, Alaska, and Mexico.



Christopher Cross brings an endearing and almost melancholy approach to such poetic lyrics through a captivating track, Sailing

This one is by far my favourite addition needing to have a stable home in your travel playlist. What makes this song so amazing is that the sounds almost immolate a watercolour painting. 

The song brings various colours to life in an effortless way. My suggestion is to play this song during sunset. It’s guaranteed to melt your heart.


Around the World

 Who could forget the epic and iconic stylings of the electronic pop group Daft Punk?

During your epic travels, it’s important to remember to enjoy the experience through uplifting yourself and possibly everyone accompanying you. 

This song is perfect for summer travels and will be the highlight of those future long hours of travels. 

When things get stressful or the mood is turning negative, blasting some cool tunes from the techno/ electronic music world will create good vibes.


Travel and Inspiration

Over the years, I developed my musical style as my music taste immersed into an authentic sound. 

But, being an artist requires a lot of hard work with many layers of inspiration. With a strong musical appreciation, music has managed to narrate my life in many ways. 

As a musician, many artists wonder how do artists truly focus their creative energy on artistic projects such as songs and albums? 


travel songs_2.jpg
Car Karaoke: Travel Songs have the ability to make any trip memorable

The keyword is inspiration. One main source of inspiration is traveling! When an artist is feeling the heavy burden of writer’s block or can’t seem to produce the energy needed to finish various music projects – traveling is the best medicine. 

Most of the time, an artist needs to relinquish their inner expectations and allow the mind to create without stress. 

Traveling to tropical places, or calming forest areas will ensure the artist’s creativity and hopefully bring them back into a creative headspace.

 So, what will you add to your epic travel playlists?

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