Top 5 Cafes In Amsterdam For Studying And Working

Mr Bean, Ceintuurbaan

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A cozy place with good WiFi connection and a clean, inspiring atmosphere. Wooden tables and a mini library make you feel comfortable yet motivated for studying or working.

Headfirst Coffee Roosters, Westerstraat

A fairly new place that is quite small but great to study or work at with a laptop. A comfortable ambient will inspire your thoughts and a great coffee will keep you wide-awake.

Café Restaurant Amsterdam, Watertorenplein

This place is a little more fancy and has a long reading table on which you can put your books and laptop. For those who like to have a bit of background noise when studying or working, this place is ideal. The lunch menu is great, too.

Hutspot, Rozengracht

It’s popular and quite large, ensuring enough space for everyone. As mentioned on their website, Hutspot is a “curator for an urbanized lifestyle” and an initiative to “provide a platform for creativity that enables ideas, products and people to become easily accessible for a mass audience.”

Stanislavski, Leidse square

The café is light, with tall ceilings and big tables, ideal for many hours spent working or studying. The WiFi is fast and visitors are often inspiring people. There is also a huge terrace with a view on a busy Leidse square, for the moments when you need to take a break from working.

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