Top 4 Apps For Full-time Staffers Who Work From Home


Working from home can be stressful for employers and distracting for employees. However, as long as managers hire accountable people who don’t fake-work, working from home is a win-win situation because trust breeds productivity. Here are the top five apps that help you become more productive and make sure you don’t fake-work.


This app is an efficient tracking tool that offers a series of benefits. For starters, it helps you manage timesheets and share them efficiently with other team members. It can also be used to create and send invoices and offers a real-time reporting system to keep an eye on current projects and plan new ones.


If you have this app, you won’t need a personal assistant anymore. In short, YouMail offers features such as auto-reply, call blocking, call transfer, personalized voicemail greetings, visual voicemail and others.

Auto-reply is one of YouMail’s best features because it automatically sends callers a custom away message when they call so that they know why you are unavailable and when they can reach you next.


This tool promises to improve employees’ communication when team members don’t share the same office and are spread out in different locations. At the end of the day every team member reports their progress and the next morning they all receive an email with everyone’s update.

iDoneThis can motivate staffers to get more things done and creates a culture of openness and transparency without spending money on other resources.


This app is widely used by full-time staffers who work from home because it helps keep track of the work and allows you to discuss ideas with other team members. Basecamp also enables users to upload files to certain projects and sends them emails with daily updates on projects and tasks.

There are a handful of apps that help employees who work from home to perform better and not get distracted by social media or other digital temptations. Some good examples are the following:

Boomerang for Gmail, which schedules an email to be sent later and offers email reminders,

Toggl, an online time tracking tool which helps you see where your time goes and

Pushover, which makes it easy to receive real-time notifications on your iPhone, iPad, Android, desktop and wearables.

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