Three Tips To Make An Incredible DIY Music Video

In an expensive music world, it is hard to navigate through cost-efficient projects. But high prices don’t guarantee success. Is there a way to create successful promotional projects such as music videos with substantially lower prices?

Let me be honest, the thought of a music video sends a chill down my artistic spine, let alone a DIY music video. 

What a lot of music followers don’t know is that artists everywhere are paying a substantial amount of money to create music video content

If you are an independent artist such as myself, money isn’t flowing very fluidly through your bank account often. 

From recording costs, mixing and mastering, copyrighting fees, and distribution, there are almost no leftover costs for additional musical projects. 

After the stressful financial happenings, an artist still needs to promote their recorded material. 

How? Music videos are practically required to promote an album. I have heard many past stories of artists paying up to $1,000 to finance a two-minute music video creating more financial debt. 

An artist’s reasoning for this absurd behavior sounds much like: “Hey! It’s an investment toward my career!” 

The truth is that a high-budget music video does not guarantee views, likes, comments, etc. 

Creating a music video can be low budget, creative and practical for artists, while still being enjoyable for viewers. 

Here are three important tips on creating a low budget music video for independent artists everywhere!


Get by with a little help from your friends!

Friends are a huge plus for creating a low budget music video. If an artist has a friend that enjoys film-making or desires to gain experience, this would be perfect for them! 

If an artist is lacking reluctant film equipment and skills, smartphones are the next best thing. Music artists are always surprised at how willing their friends can be with contributing to an artist’s career.

Friends can also be used as actors or extras in the music short film. Friends may also be willing to contribute for free!



Just because the DIY music video may be low budget, does not mean the effort and hard work should decrease. 

The artist must use resources efficiently to make a successful project. Think of every aspect thoroughly. What should the actors wear? 

What day and time should the shooting begin? What is required of the actors and musicians to be in the music? 

Although the DIY music video will be low budget or free, it is important to respect and understand everyone’s time involved. Long shoots can become daunting and very time-consuming. 

Lack of motivation may become apparent once the time making the video has exceeded your expectations. Making the concept of the video simple, will not only make the video efficient but can leave a large amount of room for creativity.

 Filming music videos can take a lot of energy! Another aspect of shooting a DIY music video efficiently is to shoot in one location and to make it count. 

Find an interesting spot that connects to the musical content. Once decided, the low budget music video must surround only that given location and not multiple. 

Additionally, the artist should not be afraid to ask for permission to use areas such as museums, statues, etc. various facility managers or program directors are thrilled to contribute to creative projects.

If the artist’s music video idea requires a lot of movement and strategic camera shots, practice is crucial. It takes a lot of preparation for a music video, and as time is precious, so are the financial contributions. 

To stay organised the artist should delegate daily tasks leading up to the shooting. For example, wardrobe (fitting) day, make-up purchasing day, dance rehearsal and blocking (rehearsing the actors) to fully prepare for the epic music video happenings. 


Create edgy visual elements

 For me, editing a low budget music video is my favorite part! 

When using one environment, creativity in form of various camera angles and performance shots can be fun and easily experimented with. 

Furthermore, editing the video themselves (instead of hiring an editor) through film editing apps will allow their creativity to shine and thrive.

I particularly enjoy the smartphone video editing app “Video Leap”. For a small monthly fee, I can edit various videos for social media promotions and other projects with just the touch of my hand! 

shutterstock 715100308
Raising The Bar: Editing can make a real positive impact to your DIY music video

The most important thing is to have fun! Music videos serve as a chance for the artist to truly bring their music to life! 

However, artists must truly believe in their projects to give the proper performance and promotion it deserves. 

Overall, music videos do not have to burn a hole in your music artist’s pocket. Concepts for videos do not have to consist of flashy clothes and expensive formatting, film equipment, and quality. 

Audiences everywhere have learned to embrace the simplistic nature of promotional content and music videos.

Want to know why music videos are so important to an artist? This can help:

Why Are Music Videos So Important?

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