Three Fabulous Series For Cozy Autumn Evenings

For this weekend we especially recommend some television serials. These are all little jewels. Two of them are dramas based on real events and the third one is an amazingly funny French show. Enjoy.

Series for the Weekend

The Spy
Do you have difficulties imagining Sacha Baron Cohen in a movie other than in the format of Borat or Dictator? Then don´t. Cohen is quite versatile.

Did you know, for example, that he was considered for the role of Freddie Mercury? (I wish it had happened – since it would bring a far better result than just the resemblance between the two men).

The role of an Israeli spy Eli Cohen recruited by the Mossad to infiltrate the Syrian government and provide crucial information from the political and military perspective seems to suit Cohen a lot.

The proficiency and tactics of Eli Cohen´s were far beyond what any of his associates expected, resulting in the collection of a range of key intelligence data.


Unbelievable is a series based on true incidents.

Actions belong to the humans, not organisations.

Some people follow convenient and obvious paths, others go far beyond that, proving they are exceptional.

And both of them are involved in this breathtaking series. To talk a little about the story and not reveal the essence, Clara is a young girl who went through several foster homes.

Now living on her own within the community of people with a similar background she gets robbed and raped. Investigation follows.


Dix pour cent (Call my Agent)
The series is simply fresh in all aspects. Crisp humor, great timing, distinguished actors, some of them exceptional.

Call my Agent is an ongoing series.

Presently 3 seasons have been completed with each episode lasting an hour.

Photo: IMDB

Read more here about the series for the weekend.

3 Alternative Documentary Series on Netflix

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