Things Not to Throw Away

When it comes to throwing things away, I always face a dilemma when deciding whether an item will be of any use anytime soon. My father used to say that we would soon have to build an extra house for the spare items. I don't think the situation is that serious, but the combination of environmental issues and simple pity for used things makes me want to find a suitable use for many things that others would throw away. My credo, though, is to use them "once and enough" before they finally land in a trash bin, to prevent turning our home into a warehouse.

The thing that for sure you shouldn’t throw away- Jars are practically always useful for so many occasions.

The never-ending fight for a customer among multinationals has come with some pretty shapes for glass containers.

Small ones for spices and jams, wine bottles for sirups and summer lemonades for picnics and BBQs, large bottles for storing soups, and the list could go on and on. Note: Must have reusable lids, of course.

Things Not to Throw Away
Things Not to Throw Away

Plastic cups
Since we moved to to a house with a garden, the plastic cups from yogurt are a good source for pots for spring planting before the final planting outside.

After they serve their second purpose, they go to recycling. There is another use for these cups in the garden, and that is for all kinds of separating and keeping little things, like seeds, for instance.

Things Not to Throw Away
Plastic glasses

Wine corks
It can take a while, but there is no reason to rush. Cork board for pinning notes, cards and others, simply looks nice.

Things Not to Throw Away
Be creative

Picture frames
Picture frames are not daily use items, but more of a hidden collection in attics and garages, items reflecting heritage or left over after moving home.

I am not talking about the ones of an obvious value, but fairly common, valueless frames that could go to the trash without thinking.

A little bit of amateur restoration and the set of refurbished pictures on the wall is ready to shine.

Empty kitchen rolls and toilet paper rolls, even rolls left over from adhesive tape
Perhaps a funny item, but they are an excellent help for storing string, ribbons, and many materials for sewing or gardening. Even keeping cables in order is possible with them.

And finally my favourite one – old pieces of “waste“ furniture
After moving house, the potential hidden treasure, as they say, didn’t wait there for us, but the unwanted little pieces of furniture came into use for my refurbishing hobby.

The common “worthless“ pieces can become something useful while there is no need to worry about destroying them while restoring.

Photos: Martina Advaney

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