These Music Podcasts Will Steal Your Ears

Social networks are filling up with events and announcements, promising another series of mixes with new tracks. Another spring and summer party season is just around the corner, so it is not a bad idea to do a little research into what the DJs and producers are cooking up in their studios. Below are some of my personal favorite radio shows and podcasts that will satisfy anyone’s taste when it comes to electronic music. For those of you who want to enjoy some awesome but not so popular (undetected) tracks, these podcasts will steal your ears.

The Sound of Adria

A fresh, new monthly podcast launched by Mixmag Adria and 84bit – a DJ duo (Jovic Evic & A.P.) from Montenegro, currently based in Novi Sad (Serbia).

Each month these two remarkably talented DJs and producers host a DJ from the Adriatic region who delivers a mix of tracks made by regional producers. Listeners have a chance to enjoy a variety of dance tunes – from deep the tech house to the deep house sub-genres.

Artelized Visions

For those of you who appreciate varieties of trance, here is a 2-hour-long worldwide radio show in which the Poland-based host – Artelized aka CJ Art – takes his listeners on a trip.

In the first hour, CJ Art presents some of his favorite fresh psychedelic, progressive and chillgressive tracks, while the other half of the show is reserved for a guest mix. Therefore, you can discover some quality tracks (that often go under the radar), find out about lesser-known trance DJs/producers, or listen to legends like John ’00’ Fleming, The Digital Blonde, Airwave, and many others.

When: Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

Time: 2pm US Eastern, 7pm UK, 20:00 Central Europe

Host: Artelized aka CJ Art

Channel: DI Fm Progressive Psy

All episodes are available on the official mixcloud.

Hospital Records Podcast

This award-winning podcast brings you the hottest Jungle, Drum and Bass, and Dubstep dubs, unsigned tunes, and fast soul from the UK-based label.

This independent record label, based in South London, has grown in recent years to become one of the best known labels in UK dance music, home to artists such as High Contrast, London Elektricity, Danny Byrd, Mistabishi, Logistics, Nu:Tone, and Cyantific. Hospital Records also releases new tracks from a whole host of other artists across the D+B genre.

All episodes available on mixcloud.

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