The World of Comedy Music

Music has a wide range of genres and musical offspring. Did you ever think comedy and music would go together so effortlessly?

Do you think music is funny? Some individuals believe that music is the funniest thing in the world! But how? 

It is humorous how music has found its way into every aspect of life. From video games to even being used to sell skincare products, music is a crucial aspect of many parts of our lives. 

Through the stressful times of the COVID-19 and everyday life, a laugh here and there is needed to heal the troubling times! However, did you know that there is a full industry devoted to comedy and music’s mingling relationship?  

 The world of comedy music is a strong, growing music genre. Through the art form of comedy, comedy is an artistic expression that involves humorous or serious situations, with a satirical approach. 

Comedy music is a genre of music that is comical but dynamic in multiple ways. According to, music, and comedy, both have psychological and emotional effects on listeners. 

With the combination of melody, rhythms, and harmony, the creative outlet of the song can be paired greatly with the funny outlet. 



From Beethoven to Spike Jones  

Comedy has been used as a form of artistic expression for centuries. It is through comedy that communities were able to connect through various subjects and bring people together from different walks of life. 

Some of the first combinations of comedy and music were displayed during the first century of Ancient Greece and Rome. Recorded on pottery of the sixth century, the illustrations would depict actors dressed as horses and satyrs. Additionally, dancers would be portrayed in Avant-Garde humorous clothing. 

Poets and playwrights would entertain audiences and listeners using puns and funny wordplay. Poems by Ancient Greek iambic poet Hipponax and Paro native poet Archilochus would discuss sexual, innovative, and creative topics all surrounding a humorous atmosphere. 

Comedic theatre playwrights such as Menander and Aristophanes mocked philosophers and politicians as a display of unique acting. 

 Comedic relief was also prevalent within the Medieval Period. A court jester was created historically within the Medieval and Renaissance eras. 

The jesters were employed by the members of the monarch to entertain guests. Court jesters would perform comedic music which displayed their wit and funny humour through jokes, physical comedy, and songs.  

Romantic-era composers such as Beethoven and Schumann would use a technique called juxtaposition which is the act of placing two elements together in a compare and contrast manner. In terms of comedy and music, the composers would place comedic passages next to more serious sections to create an artistic contrast within their various pieces. 

Progression in the world of comedy music continued to expand over the years! In the 1940s, musician Spike Jones created musical material with a heavy incorporation of funny sound effects to give a comedic perspective to early 20th-century music. 

The unique music genre was not just used for older individual’s liking. Comedy music has been a prominent force in kid entertainment.

Growing up, comedy music was heard through my favourite cartoons such as Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants and Disney movies such as Emperor’s New Groove

Through children’s television and cinema, the genre threw substantially in popularity. One pivotal musician that remained a strong force in my adolescence was Comedy Rock artist Weird Al Yankovich.


Weird Al Yankovich

The American musician is known for their humorous songs surrounding the world of pop culture. Though parodies accompanied by his polka and trademark accordion, the musician has been creating funny material since 1976. 

Songs such as White and Nerdy and Party in the CIA became a staple in comedy music. As of 2007, Weird Al sold more than 12 million albums and recorded more than 150 original and parody material. 

The musician had numerous TV specials along with writing a popular children’s book My Teacher and Me! In 2013. 

comedy music_1.jpg
Comedy Legend: Weird Al Yankovich was a pioneer of the comedy music genre

From comedic genres such as Comedy Rap, Country Comedy, and Shock Jock music and satire paired together effortlessly. 

Through the year’s music and comedy has evolved into a prominent force in entertainment and can be used in many entertainment sectors. From commercials to movies, comedy is much needed in times of healing and stress. Comedy movies are my favourite types of movies. 

The majority of the time, I respond to comedy favourably as it is an escape from reality. 

The genre also shows a very alternative perspective on many subjects and allows viewers to laugh through emotional connection. Who knew music could be so funny!

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