The World Forum for Democracy on Eradicating All Violence and Discrimination Against Women

In 1918, courageous women formed women’s rights movements to challenge discriminatory practices of democracy that excluded them from participating in public and political life, resulting finally in their emancipation. The most recent outcry triggered by #MeToo, highlighted once more the pervasive extent of violence against women in all walks of life and across countries and continents.

The World Forum for Democracy will take place on 19-21 November in Strasbourg, France. The Council of Europe’s Democracy Innovation Award is given to the most popular initiative, voted upon by the Forum participants. 

Travel and accommodation expenses may be covered by the Council of Europe if required.

Main criteria

  • Any public or private organisation is eligible to apply;
  • One presenter for the selected initiatives will be invited to Strasbourg to take part in the World Forum.

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