The Top Parody Movies

This week, to add to the entertainment options for your weekend, we present some of the best motion picture parodies of all time.  Without exception, these five films make fun of other categories of movies or characters or, in some cases, specific films.

Lemonade Joe or Horse Opera (Limonádový Joe aneb koňská opera) 

Responding to the soaring popularity of spaghetti western movies, the Czechoslovakian movie industry produced a parody that  celebrated the affirmative hero, who drinks only lemonade to keep his mind clear and to keep him one jump ahead of the villains terrorising the neighborhood.

Adela Has Not Had Her Supper Yet (Adéla ještě nevečeřela) 

Another Czechoslovakian parody chose for its target the stock figure of the all-purpose invincible character who rises to the top. A private detective, Nick Carter, comes to Prague to sort out a case that the local police have not able to solve.


One of the best parodies ever is the film Airplane!  Created to ridicule an earlier movie titled Airport, the film tells the tale of a plane from Los Angeles to Chicago which gets out of control after most of the passengers, and also the pilot, are overcome by nausea. The only man on board who can save them all is a former Navy pilot, Ted Striker, who has, however, a history of mental disorders.

Hot Shots! 

Set on an Air Force base, Hot Shots! is yet another movie that ridicules an earlier film, or in this case two earlier films:  Top Gun and Iron Eagle.

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! 

One more bulletproof character satirizes the movies Lethal Weapon and Die Hard in an unusual format.  Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin, a lieutenant on the Los Angeles police force, is a magnet for an insane number of weird situations which lead to countless comic moments. His counterpart in this movie is Priscilla Presley.

Photo: IMDB

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