The Sounds to Improve Productivity

Many individuals understand that music is not just a tool used to entertain ourselves. Music can also motivate, encourage and aid individuals in becoming more productive. Here are five distinct music genres and sounds that help individuals boost productivity!

Music can also be a huge form of therapy, allowing one to destress and evaluate their emotions while being able to concentrate more efficiently. According to, research has found that certain types of music can be deemed more beneficial than others while at work. While some music seems to help in developing, learning and improving the ability to process Information, other forms of music block out distracting background noises. Here are five types of music that will tremendously benefit one’s productivity. 


  1. Nature Music 

It is easy to become mesmerized by the sound of soothing waves upon the shore or even the wind brushing through the trees. Listening to the sounds of nature has been scientifically proven to enhance cognitive function and concentration. However, rigorous nature sounds such as animal noises and bird calls may be deemed highly distracting, while rainfall or flowing water, has shown great benefits in focus. A study conducted by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute discovered that employees in corporate settings and highly active retail environments became more productive along with positive feelings when nature sounds were played at a low volume in the background. This notion may be due to the realization that natural sounds help hide or mask distracting noises such as people talking, typing, or varying technological sounds. Research further detailed that not only did nature sounds benefit employee performance on tasks, the sounds also had a restorative effect on their cognitive abilities. 


  1. Cinematic Music 

Have you ever watched an inspiring movie and left feeling productive and hopeful for future happenings? Songs from movies or film scores can make an Individual feel more motivated! Cinematic music scores such as the Motion Picture Soundtrack “Titanic” or even Motion Picture “Monte Carlo”, can aid in brightening the mood and creating a more productive atmosphere. 


  1. Classic Music 

It is not a surprise that classical music has been deemed an important musical genre to boost productivity. Through varying research, the “Mozart Effect” suggests that listening to classical composers such as Beethoven, can high increase brain activity and act as a stimulant for improving mental health and well-being. Additional studies confirmed that listening to classical music also enhances one’s ability to solve spatial puzzles and manipulate shapes. The benefits of classical music can be based on its absence of words, as songs that contain lyrics can be highly distracting and a barrier of focus. As classical music has been known for being a calm and relaxing music genre, the music is also known for reducing stress. 


  1. Video Game Music 

It may seem strange, but listening to music composed for video games can also be a great tool to help focus! Every aspect and element of a video game is designed to enhance many of an individual’s senses. This notion supports the usage of music within video game settings. Similar to classical music, video game music generally has no lyrics or human voices. These sounds are made specifically to keep the gamer moving forward and not distracted. Chill music from hyperactive games such as Nintendo “Animal Crossing” creates an atmosphere of stress-free bliss. Playlists of Animal Crossing music can be found on streaming sites and YouTube, as they can be used for study sessions, workdays, and even relaxing Sunday evenings. 


  1. Your Favorite Music 

When it comes to developing and implementing projects that an individual is excited about, it can help to put on music they enjoy! Research has concluded that putting on an amazing individual’s favorite type of music can improve their mood and overall productivity. 

Assistant professor of Music Therapy at the University of Miami, Teresa Lesiuk found that personal choice of music is vital even deciding what to listen to while working, especially for moderately skilled occupations. Her study further found that participants who listened to music they enjoyed, completed tasks at a fast rate along with producing better ideas than those who halt music listening during work. However, it’s important to note that favorite music can still be very distracting. Creating a playlist that ceases from fast lyrics has been deemed less distracting regarding workflow. 


So, when work becomes too stressful and motivation levels drastically decrease, music and sounds may be one saving grace. Music and sounds such are nature, classical music, video game music, cinematic scoring, and even an individual’s favorite music will heavily increase productivity. 


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