The Smart Energy Challenge 2017 In Sweden

Organizers invite everyone who wants to make an impact on society to take this challenge and share best ideas or solutions to the following question: How can we nudge people towards energy efficiency in a fun way?

The challenge is to come up with innovative and creative ideas for reducing energy use. Your idea could be anything that helps individuals to create more sustainable lifestyles within one of the following areas: households, food, travel, or transportation.

Main criteria

The jury will evaluate the submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation Strength: Be creative and original with an idea pertaining to sustainable energy in food, household, travel, or transportation.
  • Context: Link your idea to an important local or global problem.
  • Societal Value: Find the best way to have a positive impact on society.

The originators of the winning ideas will win a fully-funded trip to Stockholm as well as an invitation to attend an exclusive event hosted by the Social Entrepreneurship Forum in November 2017. Winners will meet experts in the fields of entrepreneurship and sustainability, and will get the opportunity to build a valuable network as well as participating in a crash course on how to pitch your ideas successfully.

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