The Simple Way To A Productive And Happy Life: Beyond The Limits

Happiness and productivity should never be long term ambitions. Being happy and productive often relies on simple tips and on steps that we can start taking right now and turn into daily habits. In part 1 of “The Simple Way to a Productive and Happy Life”, we discussed eight very simple techniques that could help us to become better versions of ourselves, ready to be positive elements in our world. In the second and last set of these life-improving tips, we would like to go through things that require more than just doing simple tasks, things that might need a little more effort and commitment. With determination and the necessary effort, anything is possible. And for that reason, the “bigger tips” we are about to give you might be just what you need to participate more effectively in the world and realize a more fruitful lifestyle.

  • Create a better environment

This depends on the type of person you are. Some people prefer a quiet and calm indoor environment, while others might boost their productivity level by working outside in a busy park while enjoying sunshine and watching kids playing around. Whatever your preferred environment is, make sure you create it before starting your workday. Small details that might seem insignificant might be of great value when you’re trying to do something important. Make sure the factors that surround you work in your favor and not against you. Stay away from noise if you work better in quiet, move closer to a park or a green area if you are a nature person, and keep your house tidy and clean for a clear and serene mind.

  • Learn new skills

Sometimes we regret not having spent enough time to improve existing skills and learn new ones. The resulting feeling of guilt is undoubtedly very depressing and distressing. However, it is avoidable if we choose to do something about it. As the old proverb says, it is never too late to learn something new, because life itself is a learning process. So think of a topic that you wish you knew more about, or one that you need to do better on the job or in your personal life, or a skill that you have always wanted to acquire, and just start learning about it. This might be a new language, a new sport, a musical instrument, cooking, or gardening. Just make sure you do not stop learning as long as you live.

  • Exercise

We all know that exercising is good for both physical and mental health. What many of us miss, though, is the relationship between exercising and our state of mind. When exercising, it is important to make exercise an enjoyable task, one that you look forward to and one that makes you feel less stressed, less anxious, and more productive. You need to make your daily habits work on your behalf, and that includes exercising. Make your exercising environment favorable and encouraging, and avoid unnecessary effort. It is normal to feel tired after exercising, but excessive exhaustion is probably as bad for our health as not exercising at all. Everything is good with moderation, so control your habits and ask for professional advice to benefit fully from exercising and therefore become a healthier, happier, and more productive person.

  • Adopt an active lifestyle

Being active does not necessarily mean exercising constantly or walking to and from work. An active day starts as soon as you get up in the morning and ends as late as when you go to bed at night. Sometimes you might need to wash the dishes, water the plants, take your dog for a walk, or help your neighbors with something they need. When you think about it, just do it. Procrastinating is your biggest enemy. It does not make you any happier when you postpone little tasks that might be done in less than an hour. This active lifestyle will not only get you through your day more smoothly, but will also boost your inner energy, making you feel more positive and way more productive, with a clear mind and a big heart.

  • Travel abroad

Traveling is the key to radical positive change. People travel for a million reasons, but your reason has to be one that means a lot to you. Leave your comfort zone and go for the wild, exotic unknown world that you have never dared to visit. You will not only boost your confidence, but also learn how to adapt to globalization. In-depth exposure to different societies, traditions, and languages develops your cultural sensitivity, improves your communication skills, opens your eyes and mind to new perspectives and ideas, and most importantly, makes you a more global person, one who believes in personal growth, coexistence, and a hopeful, ambitious life.

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