The Secret to Self Confidence: Fake It Until You Make It?

Self confidence can be a way to get the best out of you, but how do you go about making it? Is it faking it? We find out.

Fake it till you make it! That’s actually good advice and it works. Professionals, including neurologists and psychologists are in full agreement. 

This does not mean buying material things only to make a spectacle of oneself. For the moment all it requires is being considerate without being too solicitous, and acting confident.

Interestingly, while one is feigning it, working on oneself in the clear expectation of accomplishing it can be a gratifying journey in itself.

Confidence has been defined as the feeling or the belief that one can rely on someone or something, and also as firm trust. 

Can you think of anything better than having that firm belief in your own abilities and judgement?


The Books

There are any number of research studies out there that go on to prove, and correctly, that self confidence gives you a formidable leverage in all that you do. life itself.

Lack of self confidence is usually the unfortunate induced effect of our environment during our formative years and happens, age two to three years onward. I for one haven’t seen a little one without self-confidence. 

They smile, they communicate with ease even with strangers and are comfortable in their own skin.

There clearly exists a correlation between confidence and having a successful relationship and social adaptability. 

It even has an effect on quantifiable matters such as academic ability and the potential to earn better. There are other added benefits such as widening of perspective and enhancement of cognitive ability.

Being told to cultivate self worth can in reality cause more harm than good. Our most important relationship is with ourselves. 

Once the call comes from within, the ‘enterprise’ of working on oneself becomes considerably easier.


The Methods

The time honoured methods for boosting of confidence which are also endorsed by the scientific community inclusive of neurologists and psychologists, are a regular exercise regimen, a good diet while not forgetting foods that are also good for the soul once in a while, avoiding the company of negative people, honing up on our talents, and being able to say no when required.

We have all made mistakes and will continue to make more. Identifying these and owning up to them not only helps avoid repeating them but also learning from our mistakes. 

Self Confidence_2.jpg
I Can: Is self confidence the most important aspects to success?

Studies show when we acknowledge our mistakes we only reinforce a greater perception of believing in ourselves and this perception is right. There is a big plus to this.  

When we rightly believe in ourselves, others believe in us.



Learning a foreign language helps rewire the brain in such a way that not only does it promote better multi-tasking and decision making skills but also helps with an incremental increase in the level of confidence according to research by various top universities. 

This also opens us up to new experiences.

Sharpening our listening skills which is nothing but the ability to pay attention to and effectively understand what the other person is saying, helps create empathy. 

Empathy is known to add to our own confidence.

As for forceful situations when one hears, “I wish I could change my life”,  the change does not come easy. 

To be able to change one’s life one needs to change the circumstances altogether. 

Being in a  toxic relationship or a baneful environment at work means that a complete and a decisive move is required. 

Confidence can be limited to a specific domain but self confidence encompasses it all. 

We all know that a peaceful confident mind is a powerful mind and so long as we are able to differentiate between this and arrogance, all is fine.

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