The Relationship Between Music and Exercise

Some may view listening to music while exercising as a simple way to pass the time. What if the music was an essential component for efficient fat burning results? From various studies, researchers have developed proper conclusions surrounding the correlation between music and sports!

It has been hard to stay motivated in terms of exercising this past year. But, it is not hard to believe that exercise is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. 


Though exercising seems time-consuming, it is essential to remain active. There are many ways to incorporate exercise into daily life.


Motivation such as workout videos, social media, and gym memberships become more apparent through the eyes of the exercise enthusiasts, and a key component for uplifting their stamina and drive is music.


Many individuals listen to music while they exercise. From playlists made for cycling or jogging, there is music for every kind of activity.


Throughout the global sharing of exercise tips, many lean on the efforts made by music.


Is there a scientific reason as to why music affects us during exercise? 




Music before and After Workouts


Music has been common support for many individuals around the world. Through mental health, physical healing, and strengthening community’s music, the proper ingredient for all things love and peace.


Additionally, music lends a valuable hand in the performance of sports. The power of music doesn’t just show benefits during workouts.


A study conducted in 2007 found positive effects on warming up to music before a workout resulted in higher heart rates as opposed to warming up without music.


Woman excercising while listening to the musicMusic also showed a clear increase in anaerobic peak power after the warm-up. Why is this great?

A proper and efficient warm-up prepares the body for more fat burning outcomes and to perform short energy consuming actions, thus burning fat faster.


Music is not only important before and during the workout, but after the workout as well. According to, music can support recovery after rigorous physical exercise.


A study gave notice to the fact that athletes who listened to music after training showed a greater decrease in blood lactate concentration than athletes who didn’t listen to music afterward.


The researchers believed this reasoning surrounding athletic music listeners, could be that music causes the athletes to continue to move after high exertion which helps clear lactates from the muscle areas. 




Music During Workouts 



Another study focused on the cause and effects of music during workouts and exercise routines.


Young people running on a treadmill

The study concluded that music was seen as a motivational entity and music’s sound characteristics such as melody, rhythms, and beats stimulated the body to react more actively.


The study, however, didn’t see a huge difference in the type of music being played during exercise.


The results showed running in sync with the music made the participants of the study run longer distances! In 2013, a study was conducted on participants running treadmills under various conditions.


By increasing the treadmill speed every 30 seconds, the participants grew exhausted and tired.


However once implementing the conditions: 1) with no music 2) syncing running speed with a metronome and 3) synchronized running with music.



Finding The Balance

Running while listening to the music on the road

The study concluded that the subjects were able to run much longer with conditions two and three than with no music at all (1).  


For me, exercise is like going to the doctor: you try to avoid it as much as possible. My sister is a workout maniac!


Being a track runner, my sister has managed to incorporate proper exercise in everything she does. I never truly liked exercising and when I had to endure the rigorous actions of running or ab workouts, music did truly motivate me through.


A music lover like myself, was able to solely focus on the musical content rather than my tiredness, which made me almost forget the distances I would run or for how long I would exercise. I favour home workouts the most.


As I move the heavy couch to the corner of my small apartment living room, my space becomes an at-home gym close to the fridge.


Although my exercise routine may end with ordering a large pizza with extra cheese, I know I can always rely on the support and efforts of music during active activity.


The research on the correlation between music and sports continue to be an interesting topic for many researchers around the world. Researchers Max Planck Institute in Germany furthered their belief in music motivation by creating gym equipment that mirrored musical instruments.


The Institute concluded that the instruments showed high motivation levels and increased exercise results. So, the next time you moan or complain about working out, just grab your headphones and a new album.


Let the music be your motivation. 

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