The Other Sight Of Dubai: Few Tips What To See In The City Of Gold Without Spending Big

When one mentions the biggest city of the United Arab Emirates, the first thoughts are luxury resorts, the Palm, endless parties and Burj Al Arab, the only 7 star hotel in the world -and all of that super expensive. Interestingly, many tourists actually do not know what to expect, and some of them come back home without seeing some really attractive sights of this metropolis, which are available not only to ones with the deep pocket.

The first surprise will be the ride from the airport to the wanted destination. Even though the start is 4 times more expensive at the airport (20 dirhams~4 EUR) than if you stop the car anywhere in the city, thanks to the low petrol prices, taxi won’t take you enormous amount like in some countries where you will probably rather choose a shuttle bus or metro to reach the centre. If you decide to use taxi as the way of transportation, make sure that you know how much is the start (it is everywhere the same), and some places that you have to pass by on the way to your location. Taxi is incredibly cheap, but many of the drivers, like everywhere on earth, will try to take a longer route.

While riding down the elegant Dubai roads, you will have a feeling that the town is being built in front of your eyes. First, all around you is sand, further you will notice constructions and cranes, then slowly are showing up palm trees, and the blurry skyscrapers in the distance, which are becoming bigger and clearer, until they hit you with their lights, leading by sparkling Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet.

Burj Khalifa


When tourist arrive to Dubai, they usually want to explore one of its sandy beaches first, and hence go to most famous one, Jumeirah Beach, with the view on city’s symbol -Burj Al Arab, third tallest hotel in the world shaped as dhow, a type of Arabian vessel. But while visiting touristic “hot spots”, many miss to see incredible Al Mamzar Beach and Park, an amazing place for gathering with friends for barbecue, beach-volleyball, or just relaxing in the shade of palms and a view on the turquoise sea. This paradise will give you a feeling that you are not in the middle of the Dubai, but on some deserted island. The entrance for the park and beaches is 5 AED (~ 1 EUR).

Al Mamzar Beach and Park

Dubai is also famous for shopping, or better to say-for grandiose malls where you can find literally everything that comes to your mind. But when you are so far from home, visiting Middle East, maybe you can skip hours walking through the stores which you probably have at home, and go to the traditional market called souk. There are several souks in town, but each of them is bringing a different atmosphere and offer. If you are more in a mood for enjoying in delicious food, drinks and shisha, your choice should definitely be the Souk Madinat. Surrounded with colorful stuffed shops and exclusive apartments, with a lovely channel and magnificent view on Burj Al Arab, Madinat is the best place for spending nice and quiet afternoon. The prices in shops are a slightly higher than in other souks, while the food and drinks are affordable to everyone.

Souk Madinat

For those who are searching for authentic middle-eastern souvenirs and ambiance, don’t miss to see The Gold Souk. Busy and loud, with hundreds of little stores and sellers who will do their best to convince you to go inside to see all those beautiful pashmina scarves, jewelry, spices, shoes, cushions and other house decoration. Since you will definitely feel tired after the shopping, the best way to make a break is to go to the river, where tens of cute little boats are waiting for customers to take them to the other side. The price for the ride is just 1 AED (~20 cent), and if you catch the sunset, this will be definitely one of the best memories from your trip! On this side, you can take a short walk to the “Barjeel”, cozy guest house with garden and a restaurant on the rooftop with a stunning view, where you can enjoy in delicious hummus or some of the other specialties of the house.

The Gold Souk


Night is the time for party! One interesting thing you have to know is that all the clubs here are closing at 3 a.m. The list of Dubai clubs is endless, and any you chose, it will be the best one-if you get in. The door rules are not that strict, but you might end up waiting long unless you are on the guest list. So, if you do not want to miss the wild party, our advice is to come earlier. For those who are not interested to wait, there are many great ways to spend the evening. One of the best is cheerful Irish Village, a courtyard with several traditional Irish pubs with some live music and huge garden with ducks and pond. This place looks so unbelievable authentic if you exclude the weather of course.

Irish Village

If you still have some time left, you should definitely visit the Miracle Garden, a huge park with flowers, including flowerhood, flower hill with castle, fountains, flowery paths and many more. The entrance fee for this real miracle is 30 AED (~6 EUR). From 19h the doors of The Global Village are opening, and for just 5 AED (~1 EUR) you can see the whole world and have fun in one of the most interesting amusement parks in the world. When you try all of these, you have met another side of Dubai.

Dubai miracle garden 

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