The Oldest Universities

Education in terms of literacy goes back many thousands of years. University education as we know it today also goes back many hundreds of years some of them  even more than a millenium old. Here is a list of the oldest universities that survive and some of them even flourish till date.

Al-Quaraouiyine University in Morocco – built 859

Bologna University in Italy – built 1088

Oxford University in UK – built 1096

Salamanca University in Spain – built 1134

Cambridge University – built 1209

University of Padova – built 1222

University of Naples, Italy – built 1224

By Jeffmatt at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain, Link

University of Toulouse in France – built 1229

University of Sienna in Italy – built 1240

University of Valladolid in Spain – build 1241

University of Murcia in Spain – built 1272

Photos: Shutterstock

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