The Natural Consequences of Hot Weather and Climate

As our planet continues to heat up at an alarming rate, how will hot weather affect our future? We take a look.

Driving around on a hot summer day most of us have noticed that a higher percentage of drivers get careless and reckless. There are good reasons.

Research based evidence has confirmed that even a couple of days of high temperatures negatively affect the human mind and body. 

Emergency room doctors have observed a higher number of visits for substance abuse, mood, anxiety disorders and even schizophrenia and dementia.  

It has also been observed that hot weather not only leads to dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke but has been linked to many other conditions such as skin infections, kidney problems and preterm births.

Even moderately hot days can make humans vulnerable.

One research has expressed clear concerns and to quote: “Global climate change is among the most visible environmental concerns of the 21st Century and these changes have the potential to affect human health, both directly and indirectly. 

“Urban centers in most developing countries are now witnessing rapid population growth. According to the United Nations, the world’s urban population is expected to increase to about 57% by 2050. 

“Developing countries will account for more than 90% of future population growth experienced within its cities. With this projection of population growth, the WHO has urged its member states to take decisive action aimed at addressing the health impacts associated with climate change [1]. 

“Despite being one of the most recognized contemporary and future global environmental issues, climate change impacts and it’s adverse aspects to human lives, including occupational safety, have received surprisingly little attention [2]. 

“Because of the rapid global urbanization trend, urban heat island (UHI) phenomena are now part of the climatological effects resulting from human activities on the urban environment [3].”


Climate Change Around The World

Many studies have been conducted in Europe and the United States and they all show a distinct increase in the number of deaths when heat waves happen. The exact numbers are not available but are concluded to be huge. 

The forecasts related to climate change and global warming are such that over the next century heat waves will go on increasing in frequency and intensity. Not only that, they will last longer in the Mediterranean regions and the northern countries will also be affected. These heat waves are expected to bring disease and premature deaths.

The situation in hot countries is only expected to get worse and worse.

Not being a doomsday sayer and do not have any interest in creating insecurity. Just stating facts. We are in the midst of many technological advancements all of which might come to nix if this pressing issue of climate change is not addressed with the highest importance it deserves.


Weather And Health

The effects on health have become of considerable concern. Many governments across Europe and USA advise home based prevention but still large numbers get affected which includes mortality among the ageing. 

We are in a pickle to say the least and for the present the best advice one can receive for hot days is, avoiding alcohol, wearing lightweight, loose-fitting clothing, drinking regularly without waiting for thirst, finding yourself air conditioning or a cool environment. 

Not only that but you should make sure you are staying indoors, wearing a hat, avoidance or reduction of physical activity on hot days, staying out of or protection against the sun, familiarising yourself with heat associated illness and knowing how to respond, being in contact with susceptible members of the family, not leaving children and pets in parked cars and taking frequent baths and showers.


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