The Narrowest Houses Around The World


For most people, an absolutely absurd idea. Houses that often have a maximum of one meter width are not on your everyday dwelling list. At the same time these cramped buildings often have an interesting history about their creation. With the rising prices of properties it is quite common that the building parcels are appearing in places where only garage might have been considered for construction.  Extremely slender buildings are not just a phenomenon of the moderns day.  As a matter of fact, they go back in time and can be found in many historical centres of cities till date.

The green narrow houses in old town of Porto, Portugal / Photo: Shutterstock

Old town architecture of Nice on French Riviera / Photo: Shutterstock

The narrow house next to London Bridge hospital, UK / Photo: Shutterstock

Flatiron building in Manhattan, NYC, USA / Photo: Shutterstock

Typical narrow buildings in Amsterdam, Netherlands / Photo: Shutterstock

The narrowest house in the old town (la Estrecha, 107 cm), Valencia, Spain / Photo: Shutterstock

Narrowest house on Alter Markt 109, Salzburg, Austria / Photo: Shutterstock

Narrow house with balcony (c.1911), lower King Street, Charleston, SC / Photo: Spencer Means

Very narrow house, North End, Boston, Massachusetts / Photo: Eric Fischer

Narrow canal house, The Jordaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands / Photo: Salim Virji 

The Narrowest House In The World, 101 Calle Tetuan, Old Town San Juan, Puerto Rico / Photo:  Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view 

“Narrowest House” Calle Alemanes, Seville / Photo: Roger W

The narrowest house in Paris, France / Photo: Emilio García

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