The Most Unusual Buildings In The World


From the title itself it is clear that these structures are far from the usual concept of four 90 degrees walls and a roof. Looking at them gives me the that slight disturbing feeling that these constructions are far from Feng Shui and other similar principles.

Winery Bodegas Ysios, La Rioja, Spain
Like a little revelation. This is a winery Bodegas Ysios, La Rioja, Spain.
Getting Dizzy? You won´t be the only one – The Crooked house in Sopot, Poland
Kansas City Public Library doesn´t leave the slightest doubt about its purpose from a distance
Habitat 67 in Montreal, Quebec, CA. An individuals comfort seems to be guaranteed.
Though especially from a distance there is a bothersome feeling.
Loved by some and hated by the others – Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic. The particular location allows funny situations of tourists not being able to find it while standing in front of it
Futuristic construction of National library of Belarus in Minsk
An architecture giving a good name to its purpose – The Lotus Temple in New Delhi
Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain. Given the impression everything is in place

Photos: Shutterstock

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