The Most Unexpected Tours


Seen it all and done it all. Thrill seeking is attributed mainly to those rich in money. Companies like Virgin are heavily booked for space tours by those loaded with wads of money at the same time there are the ‘average’ tourists who will go to some lengths so visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone, to see lava spitting out of a volcano into the sea in Hawaii, swim with the whales in the Dominican Republic, go tornado chasing, bungee jump towards crocodile infested water and even go for horse riding safaris in the Himalayas. Let’s have a look in pictures at these activities called adventure tourism.

The Most Unexpected Tours
Moorea humpback whale - swimming with whales: The Most Unexpected Tours
Lava pouring into the sea in Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, Hawaii
Tourists in the Chernobyl zone

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