The Most Cosmopolitan Cities In The World

From Brussels to Dubai, the world is creating more and more cosmopolitan cities. Here are the top six across the globe.

Globalisation has acquired far greater proportions than the definition of “The process by which businesses or other organisations develop international influence or operate on an international scale”. And this goes for the world’s most cosmopolitan cities too.

With the merging of globalisation and diversity where respect for cultural differences has been taking place over the years and homogenisation of cultures is being fast tracked thanks to the younger generation. 

This radical change is being brought on by the youth via travel, studying abroad, working in foreign countries and even getting together as couples from different countries. 

The cultural landscape has been altering so fast that it’s almost like a mutation. While immigration might be a dirty word in some countries thanks to the right wing and extreme right governments there’s going to be no stopping the spread of cosmopolitan cities. 

As social scientists agree, diversity is greatly adding to progress and prosperity.

So which are the most cosmopolitan cities in the world?



Surprised? This city has a population of close to 90% of those who were born in other countries. As recently as the 19th century this was a town of just around 800 to 900 individuals from a specific tribe. 

Even until the 1960s there were just a few clusters of settlements in this city. Today, it’s a modern port city and a financial and commercial hub. 

This is where you find people of every nationality earning a tax free income and making it one of the most vibrant cities in the world.



This city which over time became the capital of the EU and is known for its cuisine, history and architecture is host to 62% that are foreign born. 

The city has about 138 restaurants per square mile, the oldest shopping arcade in Europe and is the largest selling point for chocolates in the world. 



The largest city in Canada is home to 46% of its population that comes from other countries. Toronto has a population of nearly three million and what is known as Greater Toronto has six million. 

Each year the city attracts a million visitors for the largest carnival in North America known as the Peeks Toronto Caribbean Carnival. 

Even otherwise the city bubbles with life all year round.



Close to 40 percent of the people in Auckland have come from other countries. This city also known as the City of Sails has more than 50 volcanoes and is home to the largest number of Polynesian people in the world. 

While Dubai has the tallest building in the world, Auckland has the tallest buildings in the southern hemisphere.


Los Angeles

The same as Auckland, this city is host to nearly 40% of the people who are immigrants. 

This city of Hollywood stars has a mild mediterranean climate due to its location in southern California.

Deserts and mountains as high as over 3,000 meters are not far.



This is another city with close to 40% immigrants. 

Known for its opera house and the world’s longest arched bridge this city has the nickname of the Emerald City.

There are many other cities that qualify as highly cosmopolitan such as Singapore, London, New York, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris with immigrant populations ranging from 25 to close 38% and not too far behind are other centres such as Berlin and Hamburg. 

Prague and other places are catching up too. The one thing common in all these cities is the many ethnicities you get to see and consequently the languages you hear. What is also notable is that the youth blend in quickly and fearlessly.

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