The Most Charismatic Biographical Movies

Movies with happy endings have always been my favourites. And twice as much is this the case for those that are based on true stories. And that is the topic of this week’s movie picks – charming and extraordinaty lives that have made it to the movie screen.


The charming story of a naive painter – the widely recognised artist Maud Lewis (Sally Hawkins), whose life story might have been designed for film. Suffering from paralyzing arthritis from childhood, Maudie pretty much relied on help from other people. Desiring her independece, she took an unlikely job as a maid for Everett (Ethan Hawke). Her talent for amateur painting slowly took all her time, and Everett eventually took over all the housework in order to support Maud.


The Battle of the Sexes

Another true story for this week brings us to the tennis courts in the 1970s, when the tennis player Billie Jean King fought for the equality of women players by accepting a match against former tennis champion Bobby Riggs. After all, every little step forward for women counts.


Temple Grandin

In the 1940s, autism was seen as a phenomon from science fiction. And being different certainly didn’t make life easier. Thankfully for Grandin, although she wasn’t diagnosed, her family and her mentor  recognised that she needed a different approach.  Notably, a stay on her aunt’s farm directed her towards her eventual studies in the field of animal science. Grandin designed a new layout for pens and holding areas to provide the humane treatment of livestock as they headed to slaughter. She was diagnosed with autism only in her adulthood.


Behold the Monkey

The name of Cecilia Gimenezs came to be known mainly due to her unsuccessful restoration of a small fresco painting of Jesus in a small church in an even smaller Spanish village called Borja.  Pictures of the restoration got round the world and overnight made Cecilia’s work a prominent tourist destination. A short, charming story will take you through her life.

Author: Martina Advaney
Photo: IMDB

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