The Memes That Defined Us In 2020

Laughter is the best medicine. So last year, a lot of us have used memes to show how 2020 has been tough for us all. Here are the best from a strange year.

Memes 2020

So, when looking back on 2020, there’s a lot to talk about! But why do that when we have memes?

We have all had pretty much the same experience of just sitting around the house, cooking, getting ill, doing face masks, remaining in front of the TV and Netflix for hours, panicking and going in and out of Zoom.

For some of us, the situation was even more painful as loved ones were lost. However, this article tends to walk you through 10 of the most popular memes that pretty much summed up our 2020.


When Matthew Was All Of Us

Yes, Mathew, we feel you. We hope June 2021 won’t be the same.


19… 20


When Covid-19 decides to level up…


Laughter Is The Best Medicine


We hope for a better 2021…


History Lessons


And they will not know what sentence to highlight first, what to leave out, or what not to emphasize. Intense!


Zooming Out


Except this time, students could use the “No connection” excuse. A dream come true!


Just One Cornetto…

Once we invent time traveling, this should definitely be one of the first things we should test people from the past with.


Groundhog Day

How every day of 2020 feels



2020 travel guide

*Googles how can you travel from the Kitchen to the Lounge via feet!

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