The Love At The Second Glance Movies

Nothing like love at first sight. The characters in some of these films begin with being far from liking each other. But what do you know, love can also begin after the second glance. And that is the topic of this week's movies.

Knocked up
A drunken one night stand resulting in pregnancy and accompanying complications. A just promoted TV journalist played by Katherine Heigl and a dead beat, good for nothing played by Seth Rogen do a pretty good job in this comedy drama. Laughs guaranteed.

The mirror has two faces
This is a comedy drama as well about a drab looking but an extremely interesting college lecturer Barbara Streisand and a boring lecturer Jeff Bridges, at the same university who get into matrimony on the understanding that the relationship shall be celibate and based on friendship. Complications follow. A well rated movie.

Only you
Love is obviously in the air for Marisa Tomei and Rober Downey Junior. But. The film takes you from the U.S. to Venice where Marisa Tomei is still on the lookout for the love of her life that was predicted by a fortune teller. Hilarious incidents follow and keep following. Several laughs lead you to the film’s conclusion.

As good as it gets
A nut job Jack Nicholson is a successful and a rich writer, Greg Kinnear is the gay neighbour and Helen Hunt is a waitress with a sick child. This is a great comedy made out of Jack Nicholson’s obsessive compulsive disorder and his meanness and nastiness towards one and all. A must watch film.

Photo: IMDB

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