The Longest Train Journeys In The World: Join The Never-Ending Trip


Are you passionate about traveling? Do you like trains so much you wish you could stretch your journey out as long as possible? Do you enjoy looking out the window? Then you should definitely consider going on at least one of the world’s longest direct train journeys. From the frozen Siberian Mountains to the arid Australian desert, these train rides will make you fall in love with traveling, and never want to get off.

Trans-Siberian: Moscow to Vladivostok (Russia)



The Trans-Siberian railway connects Moscow with Vladivostok, a city in the Russian Far East. With more than 9000 kilometers of length, the Trans-Siberian is the longest commercial railway line in the world. It takes almost seven days to complete the journey, crossing two continents, 87 cities and seven time zones. The Trans-Siberian has connecting lines into Mongolia, China and North Korea. The railway was completed 100 years ago, and it still attracts thousands of passionate travelers looking for adventure. The Trans-Siberian takes its passengers on a unique journey into some of the world’s most remote landscapes, wild forests, traditional villages and breathtaking lakes.

The Indian Pacific: Sydney to Perth (Australia)




This train crosses over 4000 kilometers in the width of Australia in three days. Connecting Sydney on the Pacific Ocean to Perth on the Indian Ocean, the Indian Pacific is one of the few transcontinental trains in the world. The train has been in operation for over 40 years, and it has weekly trips between both cities, crossing over 25 cities in between. Crossing the famous Blue Mountains in New South Wales, breathtaking forests, deserts, goldmines and even ghost towns, the Indian Pacific is a must-do for adventurous travelers who are planning to visit Australia.

China Railways: Shanghai to Lhasa (China)



The incredible journey from the Chinese financial hub, Shanghai to Lhasa, in the autonomous region of Tibet, west of China, offers some of the world’s most scenic highlights; mountains, glaciers, lakes, high bridges and landscapes. The journey takes around two and a half days and it crosses over 4500 kilometers. This railway line is the highest in the world, at 5072 meters on the Tanggula Mountains in the central part of the Tibetan Plateau. If Tibet is on your bucket list, then you shouldn’t miss this unique and breathtaking experience.

The Canadian: Toronto-Vancouver (Canada)



The 86-hour tri-weekly train ride from Toronto to Vancouver is considered to be one of the most beautiful trips in the world. This journey is perfect for travelers with a passion for forests, lakes and snowy mountains. Passing through the Rocky Mountains, the forest of the Canadian Shield and hundreds of miles of fascinating landscapes, the Canadian connects you with nature and wilderness while giving you the chance to make new friends and learn more about Canada.

California Zephyr: San Francisco to Chicago (USA)



The Zephyr gives you the chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful train trips in North America. This train goes through seven states giving its passengers the chance to enjoy some of America’s most beautiful sceneries and impressive views through panoramic windows and revolving seats. The journey on the Zephyr takes around two days passing through the Colorado River, the Rockies, the Sierra Nevada and the Utah desert. So next time you’re traveling from California to Illinois, you might want to consider California Zephyr, instead of taking a boring and unexciting 4-hour flight.

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