The Longest Running Actors – Five or More Decades

To stick with one profession for a lifetime can sound a little boring. But it is not quite the same, it seems, if one is an actor. Today we have picked a handful of actors who have been active in the film industry more than 50 years and have highlighted many of their most memorable movies or series.

1. Dick Van Dyke, born Dec 13th, 1925, years as an actor: 55
First movie, in 1963 – Bye Bye Birdie
His first breakthrough film came the following year, in 1964 – Mary Poppins

Not to wander too far away from the topic, one of his latest films – 2018’s Mary Poppins
 will be released in just a few days, in calendar 2018.

2. Norman Lloyd, born Nov 8th,1914, years as an actor: 66
One of his first films was Saboteur, in 1942.

Currently, at the age of 104, he is taking part in the TV series Fly, which opened in 2018.

3. Betty White, born Jan 17th, 1922, years as an actress: nearly 80
She entered the field of television in 1939 and became especially popular in TV series.
One of her most memorable roles was in The Golden Girls, which first appeared on television screens in 1985.

One of her most recent big roles was in 2010‘s The Lost Valentine.

4. Sidney Poitier, born Feb 20th,1927, years as an actor: 71
His first award-winning film was the movie The Defiant Ones.

Among his other films, To Sir, with Love is particularly worth mentioning.

Author: Martina Advaney
Photo: IMDB

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