The Latest Developments in Robotic

Just a couple of decades ago robots were a part of science fiction. Fast forward to today and they are already touching many people’s lives. I dare not think of what’s coming 20 years from now. Let’s have a little glimpse into the robots of today and what’s going to come in the near future both on the mundane level where robots do household chores and to what would still look like science fiction.

Robotics in Daily Use

The robotic lawn mowers that chart out your garden including all obstacles via satellite using pre-installed GPS and several sensors make sure to give you that manicured lawn all in a matter of a couple of hours.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Nothing new about the robotic vacuum cleaners and smart mops, except for the fact that they are now far more advanced and map out your home including stairs, furniture and go back to their charging station after your home is nicely cleaned up. And for the latest in pool cleaners you still must make the effort of putting them into and taking them out of your pool.

All of the above is now app controlled.

As of this year, Sony’s Aibo the robotic dog has made a return and understands voice commands better. Many old, infirm and even the young have begun buying it as a companion.

Assembly lines in automotive factories are now using far more advanced robots that leave no screw unturned and make sure the quality is consistent. Gone are the days when you would avoid buying a car built on a Friday.

Scalpel please – Robotic Surgery

Medical operation involving robot

Now here we come to what to me sounds like science fiction. Robotic surgery has reached a stage of innovation where the surgeon sitting in a remote location guides the robot into performing complicated surgeries into tissues and organs located deep within our bodies. It is claimed that the precision achieved by the robot is superior to what a human hand can do and that the incisions are smaller.

…and so much more

Just for the fun of it there are now robots that can solve Rubik’s cube with one hand and those that can outrun humans. And not just for the fun of it, the armies of some advanced countries are now working towards introducing robots that will be deployed to fight their wars.

To give them a humanoid look scientists are working with polymers of various kinds so in the near future when we imagine a robot it will not be the clunky looking machine we are accustomed to seeing but robots that will look like cauasians, asians, africans and so on. So much for pushing the boundaries.

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