The Internet Freedom Fund: Up To $900,000 Support For Developers

Candidates can apply for up to $900,000 and no less than $10,000 for a year-long contract. can be found in our Annual Reports. Preference is given to organizations and individuals without a history of prior support, and who have a deep understanding of the surveillance, censorship and security issues affecting communities from the Global South living in repressive environments.

Strong priority goes to projects with the potential for immediate impact and long-term sustainability, and that make intellectual property publicly available via open licensing and open source code.

Main criteria

  • Successful applications should be open in nature and collaborative, promoting a deeper understanding of internet freedom challenges and limitations, and solving a currently unaddressed challenge or preempting an emerging one;
  • Ideal applications for this fund are focused on creating new open source circumvention technologies that fill a current need of targeted users; improving the security, usability, and adoptability of existing open source internet freedom technologies; providing new or deeper insights into the challenges of front-line communities that ultimately contribute to the improvement of technological solutions.

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