The Immersion Project: Start Your Own Business


The fellowship program matches young undiscovered talents looking to start or work in a tech start-up with tech companies and CEOs/MDs to learn from them. The purpose of the program is to build people with better business acumen and ability to scale business ideas very fast. The deadline to apply is on April 30th.

Candidates will create a professional network, experience professional growth, and be exposed to real business. Participants will be placed in companies in Lagos, Nigeria and receive a stipend that will cover transportation and living expenses. Fellows will work on real projects that will actually contribute to the growth of the company. They will have a taste of running a company inside a company and this will build their mental muscle.

Fellows will be assigned to one founder of a tech company. They will learn from him/her as they work on a revenue focused project. Fellows will also partake in a fortnight master class of 12 founders. The program will take place from May to October, 2018.

Main criteria

  • The organizers are looking for innovative and self-starting individuals who have worked on either project, event or a start-up;
  • They must have deep passion for learning and scaling tech businesses. Ideal candidate will have a mind-set of giving back to the community, hunger to succeed in what they commit to, experience in building a project, event or start-up;
  • Candidates should have domain expertise in one field e.g. Sales, Digital Marketing, Programming, Design etc.

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