The Era of Podcasts: H3 Podcast

The popularity of podcasts has risen to exponential levels in recent times. Whether it be the ease of which they can be accessed or the relaxed, informal yet informative setting they seem to create; several podcasts have become an integral part of our daily lives. Every week, we will take a look at podcasts from the world over to help you find the podcast that is perfect for you. This week, it’s the H3 Podcast with Ethan and Hila Klein.

Let’s meet the new format- podcasts

Combine drama, controversy, and two heavily opinionated hosts and you have the perfect blend for a podcast that will never leave you facing boredom.

Ethan and Hila Klein have never been ones to shy away from the difficult topics of discussion, with the former constantly landing himself in hot water with various YouTube and mainstream stars caused primarily by his lack of a filter when on-air.

The H3 podcast very rarely pulls its punches and has never been afraid to call people out for their questionable actions in the past. 

In January 2019, Ethan launched a tirade at YouTube heavyweights Jake Paul and Ricegum, real name Bryan Quang Le, for partnering with controversial loot box-style website ‘Mystery Brand’. In what was effectively promotion of a gambling website to minors (the majority of both Jake Ricegums audience), Ethan and the H3 podcast was quick to expose the realities of this to viewers. Both Ricegum and Jake Paul have ceased to partner with Mystery Brand.

H3 podcasts and the guests

The H3 podcast has also featured a list of guests that are as varied as the discussions on them. Former guests include comedian power couple Tom Segura & Christina P (Episode #92), Twitch / Fortnite Superstar Ninja (Episode #63), Hip Hop artist Post Malone (Episode #39) and former star of the infamous Jackass TV and Movie series, Steve-O (Episode #12).

The H3 Podcast broadcasts twice weekly and you can find them on all of the traditional platforms including iTunes, Spotify and of course the home of the H3 podcast, YouTube, with over two million subscribers.

If heated debates and passionate views are what you are looking for then this podcast may be the one for you. Just be sure to take their words with a pinch of salt. Passionate as they may be, their words don’t always strike the right tone with their audiences. 

None the less, a fascinating a listen that is a must for those searching for a new podcast to add to their lifestyles.

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Photo: FB of H3-Podcast

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