The Dutiful Life Cycle Of Certain Species


They are born, they grow, they mate and they die. That in a nutshell would be the life cycle of certain species on this planet. The main purpose of their life is to produce the next generation. Most of us assume this life cycle belongs only to insects. We are wrong and some kinds of animals may surprise you.

The male of Antechinus dies after mating of physiologically exhaustion.

All Antechinus
Not only the male dies after mating of physiological exhaustio, also the female usually doesn´t live a very long life.

Antechinus flavipes

Drone bees
The main life purpose of Drone bees is to mate with the queen and then die.

Did you know, that Drones do not have stingers?

Labord’s chameleon

Labord’s-chameleon lives in Madagascar, grows rapidly and dies before the next hatching.

Praying Mantis – Mantis religiosa

We have all heard what this “religious” lady does. While mating the female often bites off the head of the male.

Australian Red-back

Another cannibalistic approach can be observed in the Australian Redback spiders. The canibal here is the female once again.

Slevin’s Bunchgrass Lizard (Sceloporus slevini)
The male usually lives few months longer than the female.

Less dramatic causes of death happen with these lizards – the female and the male, both simply die within couple of months after mating

Sockeye salmon (red salmon)

Majority of the Sockeye salmon´s males die after mating

From other species that complete their life cycle by mating are:

Brazilian slender opossum
Boullanger Island Dibblers
Little Red Kaluta

Photos: Shutterstock

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