The Design Of Your Life: New Magazine Is Out!

Perhaps you, like many others, associate the word 'design' with some kind of visual styling of a product, building, or printed material for the purpose of attracting clients and boosting sales. However, for the majority of modern managers and businessmen, the concept of design has become a new way of thinking that allows them to handle a variety of intricate problems in a non-trivial way. Is it difficult to design your own life? To what degree does everything depend on us, fortune or destiny...? Get to know more in the 32nd issue!

Also you can also read in the issue:

Oklahoma City: how the “fattest” city in the U.S. has been losing weight 

YT Opinion Survey: The Refugees Crisis as Seen by European Youth

What unites us? A course for the beginning political scientist

You want to eat healthy? Modern technology can help you! 

“Treasure hunt”, or the phenomenon of the flea market

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