The Conjuring 3: Worth The Wait?

Now in its third instalment, The Conjuring franchise has fast become one of the scariest series out there. What does the newest film have in store?

Recently premiered, the third part of The Conjuring series has overcome A Quiet Place 2

The majority of people in cinema’s society know the successful rise of the market. It trusts the fact that a bigger part of the true thrill-seekers exist and withstand those who await the superheroes on-screens this season. 

But only real explorers of the James Wan universe could estimate the difference between the first and second films – and this is before it had changed director. 


Michael Chaves – The New Director 

The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It is the sequel of the famous Conjuring 1 and 2, truth-based horror stories from the life of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

In each part, they faced the strange things linked to demonic possession. 

The current story describes the court affair of a young guy, Arne, who was possessed by a dark power from the underworld. 

The Warrens go to help him avoid the death penalty as though it was he who killed the rental man. As always, the film contains exorcisms, spiritual rituals and complicated curses from the past. 

But the only thing to single out the whole onscreen – this part was directed by Michael Chaves instead of its constant James Wan.

Michael Chaves directed one more film from the Conjuring universe – The Curse of La Llorona, and a music video for Billie Eilish – Bury a Friend

And this particular thing is pretty visual, while waiting for the classic picture and ambience. This part is saturated with colours, unusual for the genre and in general, as a director, Michael Chaves breathes fresh air into the film.

The main idea of watching a series of films from this universe is to catch the original thread of the plot. 

And these are the stories of the Warren family, as a part of their job. 

In the whole universe of The Conjuring, there are four parts of the Astral, three parts of the Annabelle, the Nun. Everything is called the Universe because there is a large interweaving of small stories around one main one. 

And The Conjuring is the main storyline. Mostly, it was the part demanded most, gathering so much hype around the rates. 


Romantic or Horrific?

In the film, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson again appeared in prominent roles of Lorraine and Ed Warren, for the third time they portray spouses specialising in recognising demonic manifestations. 

Somehow, the actors manage to adequately work in the horror genre, creating pleasant characters in their manner, even though absurd things are happening around them. 

But neither Vera Farmiga nor Patrick Wilson ever overplay their roles. This is one of the reasons why the writers of this part gave more time for these characters, particularly to reveal how they met, as a romantic couple met thirty years ago. 

Fortunately, there are no demons in the flashback, but short romantic episodes from the past. 

In the third part, they lessen the frightening moments but multiply the locations, where clues are found. 

Once they notice that some creature is controlling the demon, they decide to find this person before another tragedy occurs.

The Conjuring is transformed into a simplified version of a detective story, and the characters move from a priest’s house to the police station, from the riverside to the morgue, trying to find hints of the devil revealing itself. 

Lorraine periodically has creepy visions that invigorate an adoptive flow of the storyline. So that the whole film ongoing the rhythm of constant leaps from calm light moments to scenes with a plunge into darkness.

Summing up, the third part of The Conjuring is quite intense, but not the scariest one from the franchise, but, perhaps, the most sincere and romantic.

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