The Breathtaking Art of Rock-Balance Sculpturing

Canadian born photographer and performing artist Michael Grab started to explore this discipline of antique art known as 'rock balancing' in the Boulder gorge which is located in Colorado, and since then this activity has become a daily practice of meditation for him, by the way don't be surprised; it isn't unusual if groups of people are gathered to observe Michael while he's doing 'his thing'. 

“I’m always connected with the current, and I don’t let go the real-time moments of joy, even in the worst possible situations” Grab writes on his webpage called ‘Gravity Blue’; “to me, all this reflects our ability as human beings, to be strong even when we are going through tough moments and days of our lives.” 

But all the people are curious and all the time asking “How he does this?!” Many of his sculptures look like they are from another planet, and for sure many people are suspicious if he is using any tools to keep these sculptures, but Grab says that the one and only thing that keeps the equilibrium of these sculptures is ‘Gravity.


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