The Best Train Journeys In The World Part Four

Concluding our mini series on the best train journeys, in this article we shall cover some of the most luxurious trains in the world. 

But first let’s talk about some more good reasons to head on these train journeys 

You can carry baggage and liquids more adequate to your needs, train journeys are more children friendly, you can see much more, plan your trips so that you can break your journey to take in the sights, carry your own meals or order based on your choice and arrive straight to the city centre.


Belmond British Pullman

These old world trains  that have been restored to perfection have welcomed royalty, movie stars and ordinary people such as us. 

The carriages carry interesting names such as Audrey, Minerva and Vera. 

The cuisine is par excellence and wine pairings perfect. A little word of caution, dress well. While suits and ties are not essential, you may be told to leave the train if your clothing is shabby. 


Transcantábrico Gran Lujo

This narrow gauge train takes only 28 passengers and moves at a leisurely pace between Santiago and San Sebastian. 

The train is known for its gastronomy and the local cuisine you will experience during stops. 

If you can afford the Grand Luxury Suite, you’ll have your own bedroom, living room and bathroom with a tub. No details have been spared. 


The Ghan 

Road travel in Australia across the country, most especially in the outback, can be extremely trying since a good part will be dusty tracks that go for roads. 

Travel by The Ghan changes all that. 

The train takes you across the country from Adelaide to Darwin. 

The Best Train Journeys In The World Part Four 2
Going For Ghan: This train in Australia heads from Adelaide to Darwin

You can decide on your holiday package for both on and off train experience. 

This is perhaps the best way to see the north and south of Australia.


Maharajas’ Express

Travel in India can be a challenging experience. This train makes life not just easier but a super luxurious experience. 

The journey takes you through the splendour and the riches of the country. Commencing in Delhi, the train takes the routes of Agra and then into Rajasthan including Jaipur and Udaipur. 

The other circuit it follows includes the temples of Khajuraho and also Varanasi. 

They have won many awards and this train is considered one of the most luxurious in the world. 

Apart from the personal butlers, you will have a tour guide waiting. The cuisine is par excellence.

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