The Best Tours In Life Are Free


If you are planning to come to Rome, besides seeing the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, or the Pantheon, you would probably be curious to check out the secret keyhole through which you can see the Vatican, the charming alleys of the Jewish district, and the “city within the city” of the Aventine Hill. However, with the limited time and budget that you have, you might think there’s no way to do it without paying huge fees to tour agencies. But in a city as amazing as Rome is – there is a place exactly for you.

Free walking tours “of not so touristy Rome”, as they call it, organized twice a week by an atypical Roman tourist-friendly association called Veni Vidi Visit, are informative, fun, and more and more popular. In about three hours, their skilled and witty young tour guides lead you through marvelous fragments of Roman history showing you some less known spots of the Eternal City. “History is under every stone and behind every corner in our Eternal City. That’s why we strongly believe you deserve to see Rome as only a local can do. Our Rome walking tour is free, because we believe everyone visiting Rome deserves to enjoy and live its true culture,” they say.



Started in 2007 as the informal initiative of history lover and passionate tour guide Alessandro Patrizi, Veni Vidi Visit has grown into a respectable tourist service in Rome, offering free tours and so-called “orientation in the city sessions” to exchange students, couch surfers, and young travelers. 

Motivated by a great love for Rome and a passion for working with young people from across the planet, Alessandro and his cousin Laura, together with another friend, decided to establish the association that is attracting more and more travelers, planning to do what they enjoy doing, and – have fun. “I started with tour guiding when I was only 7 years old. I started taking tourists around the village where we used to spend our family summers,” Alessandro says. Between 2007 and 2012 he organized Veni Vidi Visit to give tours, trips, and journeys around Italy for exchange university students from all over the world. 



With degrees in medieval and modern history, Alessandro can answer literally any question you have about Rome and Italy. But not only that. He also has a great passion for nature, food, and farming – he is an olive oil producer and a talented musician. Alessandro plays bass guitar in a local band called Pasquino & The Moonshiners, whose songs in Roman dialect give an ironic perspective on everyday Italian life.

His cousin and colleague Laura has studied architecture and has always had a huge passion and love for Rome. “I’ve read hundreds of books about its history, legends, artworks, urban development, and evolution as a city. I also have a huge collection of old pictures of Rome, and I love to show them during my tours. I am always really happy to show students and foreigners around the city and make them feel and live true Roman history,” she says.



The hard working guides of Veni Vidi Visit offer tours not only in Rome, but also in interesting locations outside of the city, thus promoting the beauty and hospitality of central Italy. To stay informed about their plans, you should definitely like their Facebook page Veni Vidi Visit. And remember – the best things in life are free.

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