The Best Movies of the 2010s

The advantage of the last decade to be featured in our summer movie series is that there are still some great movies to go. Nevertheless, we have managed to choose the best as of today. This week we are closing this series, and beginning this coming week you can look forward a new movie topic every week.

The Grand Budapest Hotel 

A distinctive movie, placed in a very specific setting.  The story of a luxury Grand Hotel and its manager, Gustave, who is very popular among his guests. After he inherits an enormously valuable painting from one of the hotel guests, who has been murdered, Gustave becomes an interesting target.

A Separation 

An impressive drama from today’s Iran depicting a challenging situation within one family. Nader and Simin are a couple who are facing an important life decision. To see a future for themselves and for their daughter, they need to emigrate. Nader’s father, though, gets sick and has to stay in the country. A relatively contented couple finds itself trapped in a situation in which Simin wants to leave and Nader refuses to leave his father.

Silver Linings Playbook 

When two depressive people cross each other’s paths, happiness cannot be far off. Pat has returned to his parents after spending several months in a mental asylum, determined to save his marriage. Then he meets Tiffany, who in exchange for a favor helps him to get closer to his wife…but…destiny has other plans. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in a film that won many Awards.


Quite the right film for closing our series is the next film, Lumière!, focusing on the very dawn of the film industry, when the Lumière brothers were capturing the spirit of the time, some 120 years ago. Film historians Thierry Frémaux and Bertrand Tavernier have assembled 108 of the Lumières‘ short (less than a minute long) movies into a continuity.

The King’s Speech 

After his brother abdicated. George VI became the Chief of State of the Commonwealth. He suffered from a stammer which kept him from giving public speeches. His wife, Queen Elizabeth, arranged therapy sessions with an eccentric speech and language therapist called Lionel Logue. From tough beginnings these two men created a unique bond, and the King finally managed to give his essential public speech.

Other movies that we have recommended came from the same decade: 


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The Intouchables 

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The Help 

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