The Best Modern Technology Artwork and Decor in 2021

Our technology, lifestyle and everything is becoming more advanced day by day. We don’t use the same methods which we used to use 5 years ago. Every industry and sector has progressed in this era, many innovations have been introduced. One of the most revolutionizing sectors is Interior Decor designing. Modern technology has taken old artwork and decor to the next level.


Some companies like DNA11 have introduced unique concepts that no one ever thought can be used as artwork and decor.

DNA11 combines science and art to convert our actual DNA sample into artwork.

Many revolutionary modern artworks have been introduced to decorate your home.

Let’s see what The Best Modern Technology  Artwork and Decors are in 2021.



DNA Portraits


DNA Portraits are the world’s most unique and personalized form of art.

We all know what DNA is and what’s their function in our body. DNA portraits are revolutionary art.

The combination of science and arts can make your house extraordinary.

As much as DNA portraits sound crazy and hard, their making process is a lot simpler.

So let’s see the process of making your DNA portraits.


To start, you just have to order online and sit, and there is no need to visit their offline store to give DNA samples.

Instead, the DNA11 team will reach out to you and guide you further.

For DNA collection, you don’t have to give your blood as a DNA sample.

Instead, a DNA collection kit will be provided to you at your doorstep.

Using the manual provided in the DNA collection kit, you need to collect a swab from the inside of your cheek.

This swab will be used to extract your DNA. After this, the kit is sent to the laboratory under a barcode for safety.

Then, DNA is extracted. Next, DNA is placed in a machine that replicates small DNA sequences with a base image.

After amplifying the DNA bands, separating them according to size, and staining them with UV dye, DNA11 takes the digital images and prints DNA profiles on canvas.

Customization is the last step. DNA11 allows you to create personalized and unique DNA portraits.

In addition, they provide an extraordinary range of style, color, frames, and size in a budget-friendly range.



3D Printed Vases


3D printing is a trendy thing nowadays, and 3D printed Vases are emerging as a new trend. Vases always have a top-rated tool in decorating your decors.

3D printed vases add a unique touch to your house, as people are more used to watching everyday vases of simple shapes.

Despite being a technology-driven object 3D vases making process is kind of inspired by the traditional pottery method.

3D printer sensors mimic external factors’ shapes and textures and create beautiful, unique art built with perfection.

3D Printed Vases are a brilliant example of modern technology artwork.



LED/LCD Display Shower


LED/LCD Display showers are another example of how modern technology has advanced our lifestyle.

10 years ago, no one ever thought that technology would progress so much that it can make our ordinary bathroom loaded with some high-tech gadgets.


Such showers are inbuilt with temperature sensors and color changes according to the temperature of the water. It is mainly powered by running water, not batteries.

Such an advanced shower addition to your bathroom will make your house more luxurious and attractive.



Smart Motion Sensor Lights


Smart Motion sensor lights are a big revelation in the interior designing and home decor sector.

Not only does it add a brilliant touch to your house, but it also helps to save electricity.

These lights are embedded with sensors that automatically detect human activity and automatically adjust the amount of light.


The most remarkable feature of smart motion lights is that they can be controlled with mobile phones. You can adjust lights according to your mood.

All you need is to connect your smartphone to lights using the wifi and make your home ready for any party or special candlelight dinners.

In 2021 you can finally say goodbye to an old-fashioned lighting system with these exciting smart motion sensor lights and make your home more attractive and advanced.



Smart Speaker System


A Speaker System is a need of every home, whether a party or regular day, everyone loves to hear songs and chill.

The Smart Speakers takes this experience to the next level.

Now sound systems are not only about listening to songs.

They now add more features to your house, and these smart sound systems are now used as voice command receivers to control your other smart gadgets at home.

The introduction of many online assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant also adds to your comfort.

You can easily know the score of any sports match by giving a command to a speaker.

Not only this, you can keep a tap on all the news in the world by just lying on your couch and giving the command.

The smart speaker system is the need of the hour. In 2021 it will be the best modern technology gadget that makes your house exciting.


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