The Best Drinks for Your Favorite Genres

Okay, I will admit to you reader, there is nothing more fulfilling than a soothing cocktail. It feels like laying on a summer beach. The breeze hits your neck as the intensity of mild intoxication nestles warm in your stomach. Music can entice you to feel the same way! Through the craziness of life, it’s fun to step away from your composed life and venture into a musical world. With a tasty drink that serves as a potion for mind traveling, music comes to life like ever before. I have some drinks of choice that mold perfectly to various genres and sounds of musical proportion.

The best drink for your favorite music genre

I am your bartender for all thing’s music. Let me pour you a tasty drink and various cocktails to aid you on your expedition to musical planets and worlds of vocal and instrumental perfection.

Through these different genres, it is my humble belief that there is a perfect drink that compliments the sounds of musical interpretation.

With the hefty mixture and bubbly atmosphere of mainstream pop, a drink or cocktail of choice has to be specific and happy in nature.

With the vibrant refreshing exposure that orange juice, mixed with the splash of a sour ingredient that comes from the lime juice, the sounds of “Katy Perry”, “Lady Gaga” and “Ariana Grande” hit the tongue and soul with smooth happy sailing.

For an additional sweet accent, the sugary goodness of cranberry juice melts the troubles away when paired with orange and lemon wedges.

When adding the alcoholic component, tequila, the sun will never set on pop music.



I highly recommend the cocktail Tequila Sunrise for an energetic bubbly good time that is the essence of mainstream pop music

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Some nights, one would like to escape the hectic, crazy world of career, school, and overall manic lifestyle. Its these kinds of stressful days, where one should go downtown. The sounds of vintage “Bon Iver”, “Bob Dylan” and “James Taylor”. should do the job!

With the spirit soothing genre of country/ folk music at a nearby bar, the music paired with the right drink, is a perfect relief.

With the rustic texture and taste of Jim Beam Black paired with the southern heat and hospitality of Jim Beam Kentucky Fire, your stress will crumble into tiny particles of country dust. But don’t worry, with the sugary nature of Coca Cola, the mixture and essence of folk music will remain to keep your spirits up and strong.

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The sun will not set through a citrus aroma. By adding a fresh orange garnish, this drink humbly named Downtown country vibes will remain prevalent for days after.

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For some music lovers, techno could be just unnecessary noise. With an intense exposure of various rhythms and electronic sounds, techno has the power to move your mind into different realms.

This requires a drink that will ease the mind and spirit and allow one to embrace the purity of life and inner freedom.

With a substantial portion of Bourbon melted with the hallucinations of Aperitif Absinthe, it won’t take long to loosen up your gentle spirit. With the sounds of “Christian Vogel”, “Ben Sims” and “Derrick Carter”, a little splash of rhubarb bitters would be the right addition to a tasty night.

With a tiny dash of champagne with orange zest to define the mood, the techno will come more alive than ever before.

Fall in Love with Trip Hop Songstress, Sevdaliza!

Here is a tip: although fancy in design, a fancy martini glass is unnecessary, shake that techno potion called Unnecessary Noise into a reusable water bottle and enjoy the night. But, make sure you enjoy the techno vibes responsibly.

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There is no better feeling than to embrace the moonlight in the romantic movement of the night. Through its sensual design and implementation, the sun falls yet the moon takes its place to portray a different kind of happiness.

Contentment. What better way to enjoy the calmness of night, than with the smooth elegant texture of jazz music.

From the sounds of “Ella Fitzgerald”, “Billie Holiday” and my favorite “Nina Simone” the warmth can collide into a delicate bottle of wine.

Through the channels of deep red to the clear yellow tinted color of white, the wine goes perfectly with the dynamic sounds of love and life’s worries.

Songs to Cure Heartbreak

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To put it kindly, cocktail drinks are nothing of the sort for this genre. Get into the animalistic, raw and intense nature of rock and roll! With the sounds of “Metallica”, “Led Zeppelin” and “Queen” there is no such thing as a calm time.

The energy has to be paired with a drink that meets that land of intensity that is of rock music. Rakia, is an alcoholic drink that is popular in Albania, Turkic countries, Greek islands, and Balkan countries.

Judging from experience, this drink hits you like a ton of bricks and will make you want to jump into the mosh pit of excitement.

Don’t worry, this drink is so strong, you don’t need too much! Allow the loud and embracive sounds to explore your body like an infectious disease through the sounds of rock music!

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My favorite genre has to have a drink that is edgy itself. With the eclectic sounds paired with experiential fun, indie pop is like no other.

The tasty cocktail Elf’s Kiss is the ultimate choice.

Through the tropical nature of citrus vodka paired with the experimental nature of Midori, the edgy Avant Garde sounds of “Kimbra” and “Sylvan Esso” will hit your bloodstream like a ton of electrifying glittery raindrops.

With the sour intensity of lemon juice, the spicy texture of ginger, and simple syrup, cranberries or cranberry juice adds that stabilized sweetness.

Allow the waves of emotion and solitude to gently hit your body in an impactful motion of musical goodness.

Listen to Sylvan Esso now!

So, there is in fact some drinks that compliment certain genres better than others. But keep in mind, you do not need a drink to have a super epic time. Music takes you on a journey regardless of substances.

It is important to note to always drink responsibly and to maintain a healthy lifestyle when dabbling into the world on intoxicating drinks.

Photo: Shutterstock / Photomontage: Martina Advaney

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