The Best Berlin Music Venues

The Berlin music scene is one of the most striking and diverse in the world. Here are some of the best places visit and vibe.

For many years, music has been the blueprint of all things creative in Berlin, Germany. The artistic city is home to many world-renowned musicians from various genres that grace the stages all around the artsy area. 

From underground dive bars to the classical opera’s historic venues, here are the eight best places to experience the amazing musical sounds of Berlin


Kallasch and Moabiter Barprojekt, Unionstrasse 

Despite being in a central location, Moabit is still largely unknown in Berlin. However, over the past few years, Moabit has made its name for itself surrounding its popularity of opening amazing music venues and bars. 

Venues such as Kallasch and Moabiter Barprojekt is a retro-chic bar that provides open mic nights on the last Thursday of each month. This bar is amazing for creating lifelong music friends from all around the globe. 

As the main musicians booked for this venue are typically singer-songwriters, the venue also caters to the sounds of blues, jazz, and folk acts. 

Additionally, music-goers can enjoy the communal activity by taking part in the venue’s musical bingo and quiz nights. If interested, make sure you check the schedule ahead of time to find out what is happening during the week.


Quasimodo Club

Near the fashion-forward area of Kurfürstendamm and located in the basement of a former 1920’s dance ball, the Quasimodo Club is a perfect place for music authenticity. This venue is an ideal spot to kick back and relax after an evening of shopping or other public endeavours. 

With much history, this Berlin jazz club opened its doors in the 1960s, generating crowds ever since. Over time, the jazz club branched away from its jazz and blues roots and began offering other music genres such as soul and funk. 

Artists such as Prince and Chet Baker played in this iconic stylish spot! 


Berlin Philharmonic 

Musicians and even fellow music listeners must engage in the historic sounds of opera and classical music. 

To keep the sounds alive and timely, grab a suit or dress and make your way to the 2,440 terraced seating, Philharmonic Hall for the impactful sounds of classical music concerts. 

Opera singers and orchestras from around the world play in this monumental venue. The design of the building alone will entice music listeners to immerse in the sounds of classic music! 

This venue is a spectacle as audiences are seated in a 360-degree view around the stage. If you are a student, or lover of all thing’s music, every Tuesday at 13:00, the philharmonic offers a free 45-minute long chamber concert in its main foyer. 


Silent Green

What was once a crematorium in 1911, the concert space of Silent Green is magnificent and legendary. Since 2013, the live music venue in the Wedding district has been a place where music lovers can dynamically experience music! 

As the main hall presents a domed ceiling, the venue creates a space perfect for acoustics. Not only does the venue create a space for music to flourish more deeply, but the venue is also home to! K7 Records! 


Astra Kulturhaus 

Close to the food haven of Boxhagener Platz, Astra Kulturhaus is the Place for all think Indie rock and Indie Pop. 

This iconic Friedrichshain venue offers live music concerts for very affordable prices (10-40 EUROS) as it hosted many legendary acts. 

If music listeners are in the area and interested in joining the musical festivities, it’s advised to buy tickets in advance to secure a proper spot. It is also good to arrive early to enjoy beers and cocktails in the private Biergarten. 


Huxley’s Neue Welt 

Locally known as Huxley’s, the popular Neukölln concert hall first opened its musical doors in 1880. 

As the venue is immersed with dynamic history, the venue was used to host political meetings and served as a military hospital during World War I. 

The venue was also bombed during World War II. But the music lasted a lifetime, as the concert hall continues to welcome huge rock and pop talent! 

Artists to grace the stage were Dire Straits, Patti Smith, and rock legend Jimi Hendrix. 



This mid to high-price range concert hall is hard to miss! With its striking white tent-shaped roof, the concert venue is located not far from historical places such as Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate. 

This modern-day amphitheatre created a booming sound, as music echoes throughout the venue. 

The greatest part about this musical locating is that the concert hall hosts many musically diverse artists for dynamic concerts. 

From classic rock to hip hop and RnB this venue is an amazing musical experience. 



Berghain is undoubtedly Berlin’s most renowned techno club. If you are an ultra-fan of house and other techno music offspring, this is your Mecca! 

Based in a former power station in Friedrichshain, this is the most iconic place to go to listen to techno music. However, there is a huge disadvantage. 

The club is notorious for its ‘hard to gain entry’ persona. Upon entering, you are greeted by a gatekeeper who is seriously selective. The club opens from midnight on Friday and stays open until Monday morning. 

Enjoy your amazing and musical time in Berlin. Germany! 


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