The Benefits of Yoga From Home

From increased flexibility to working your full body, yoga can be great to get you into shape. Normally underrated, here's how you can do it from home.

Yoga is often overlooked as a legitimate exercise. It is seen as a tool for meditation, relaxation, and a way to enjoy a calmer, more peaceful lifestyle.

However, it is a powerful full-body activity that can not only improve flexibility but also increase muscle strength, reduce weight, protect from injury and boost overall athletic performance.


No Equipment

Yoga mat

The great thing about yoga is that you essentially need no equipment to do it. It helps to have an inexpensive mat and some comfortable clothes that allow for easy stretching.

Other than that, you only need a device to watch a video or a book or printout that will guide you. It is one of the few exercises that you can enjoy anywhere you are.


A Style for Every Need

Yoga is one of the most versatile exercises. There is a more relaxing form that focuses on stretching and flexibility.

Then there’s the hot stuff which takes place under hot and humid conditions to result in more sweating.

There are yoga exercises that are heavier on the cardio and turn it into a high-calorie burning activity.

Of course, there is also acro yoga which can be done individually or with a partner. As the name suggests, this combined acrobatics with the classic form and is great for strengthening muscles and improve stability.

It can take a while to find a yoga style that is right for you and if you get bored of one, there’s always more to try.

There are even different yoga exercises that focus on various parts of the body. This can be incorporated into your workout routine to strengthen certain muscles or help relieve pain.

Simply search on YouTube for the exact workout that you need. For example, if you have lower back pain, try the Yoga For Hips & Lower Back Release video.


Free Resources

Video online training hatha yoga

There are so many free resources that can guide you from being a couch potato to being a bonafide yogi.

Depending on your level of activity and flexibility, you may consider starting with something incredibly easy such as Yoga For Complete Beginners.

Then for a harder cardio yoga that promises 30 minutes of burn, check out Yoga Cardio Burn.

Although yoga is often geared towards women, it can also be a great strength training exercise for men as well.

This video shows a routine that offers a Full Body Workout to Build Strength and the instructor happens to be a man who built muscle using these exact exercises.

For those hoping to improve flexibility, check out this 10-Minute Yoga for Guys Who Aren’t Flexible. I’m sure it’s great for women too!


Join A Free Challenge

If you’re ready to jump into a world of yoga but you need the extra push to motivate you, consider joining a challenge.

When you are participating in a challenge with other people, there is an extra level of accountability. Plus, it’s fun to do it alongside others even if you only interact with them virtually.

There are many different yoga challenges, but Yoga with Adriene has a great 30-day program that doesn’t even require you to sign up for a newsletter.

You can join the 30 Days of Yoga challenge for free and follow along with the videos every day.

The videos provide 20-40 minutes of daily workouts. This challenge is great for beginners!

It is also a great activity because it can function as a full-body workout that requires little-to-no equipment.

There are lots of free resources to help you get started and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Consider experimenting with different styles until you find your perfect flow and maybe joining a free challenge to get started.

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