The Awesome Foundation $1000 Grant


The Awesome Foundation is a global community advancing the interest of awesome in the universe, $1000 at a time. These micro-grants, $1000 or the local equivalent are given on a no-strings-attached basis to people and groups working on awesome projects. The application process is ongoing.

The Awesome Foundation $1000 Grant
Opportunity to win a $1000 Grant

Win the Awesome Foundation Grant

Every chapter is a geographical hub around the world that interprets “awesome” for itself. As such, awesome projects include initiatives in a wide range of areas including arts, technology, community development, and more.

Many awesome projects are novel or experimental, and evoke surprise and delight.

Each chapter provides its own grants.

Typically, ten “trustees” each contribute $100 (or the local equivalent) toward a monthly grant, though some chapters have more trustees sharing the load.

Anyone is eligible for a grant — individuals, groups, and organizations alike.

Most chapters show a strong preference for projects that contribute to their own communities, though some occasionally consider applications from further afield.

Try to apply to a chapter near you, in a location where you have roots, or that you think would have a particular interest your idea.

If this isn’t possible, you can select “Any” on the application form, or apply to one of a handful of thematic chapters.

Most chapters meet monthly to review applications and decide on a recipient — though some chapters make decisions at live “pitch” events open to the public.

Most chapters continue to consider applications from previous months, however, so there’s no need to apply again unless your idea has changed.

Find out more:

Read more here.

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