The 3A Station – the New Must-Visit Attraction in Ho Chi Minh City


If you are in Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Saigon) and want to find a place that is part of the ‘art’ scene, peaceful but still totally young, just come to the 3A Station at 3A-3B, Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Amazing wall graffiti for cool photoshoots, unique craft products, and colorful buildings… are among the things you can see here.

Officially open since April 2014, the 3A Station is located in the 3A site – a Contemporary Applied Arts Space. Housed in a 19th century building originally erected by the French, this is the very first space in Saigon that is especially devoted to the interests and activities of young adults. The 3A Station is frequently chosen as the venue for popular activities for young people such as: weekend fairs, mini shows, and street performances… all of which proves that the 3A Station is quickly becoming the place to be in Saigon.

3A Station – a new attraction in Saigon

The 3A Station is hidden at the end of a small alley in the center of noisy Saigon, but once you find it, you will find yourself in a surreal world – a world of absolute peace which isolates you from the city’s hurry and confusion. Here, you can drop by a small coffee shop, enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee, and immerse yourself in timeless love songs and romantic spaces. These buildings were updated by young architects who know about contemporary arts, thus it’s no surprise at all if you find yourself breathless and feel like you are standing on a random corner in London or Paris!

A coffee shop designed to resemble a bus station is one of the sights of the 3A Station.

Just order coffee and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere here.


An impromptu weekend visit would be the perfect way to get to know the 3A Station, because you can always find some uniquely cute items with acceptable prices at the weekend fair. Most of the vendors are college students, so don’t be worried about the price, and the best part is that you can bargain freely! Whether you buy or not, what you will receive is friendly smiles and hospitality from the young vendors.

Combining acceptable prices and hospitality, these shops always know how to treat their costumers well.

There is no better place than the 3A Station for a street performance.


Deep inside the 3A Station are booths with antique furniture pieces. Other items such as bowls, plates, pottery designed in traditional style, equally unique and modern… are also exhibited and sold here. The owners of each booth, who are painters, artists, photographers, filmmakers, or designers working in the fields of art and culture, design their booths in their own style. Nearby, there is a fairly large exhibition area. All the walls of the gallery are covered with cartoon-style paintings, abstract paintings, or even sketches of Hanoi. A gallery named after its owner – Mai’s Gallery – was one of the earliest activities at the 3A Station.

Some other items such as bowls, plates, pottery designed in traditional style, unique and modern… are also exhibited and sold here.

A fashion shop located in the 3A Station

After wandering around galleries, fashion boutiques, and coffee shops… don’t forget the awesome exterior of the 3A Station, which is an ideal place for those who love contemporary art or street art. Many young street artists living inside and outside of Vietnam have come here to contribute their talent to the amazing appearance of this place. The most interesting thing is that every 3 – 6 months and depending on special occasions, national festivals or significant Vietnamese anniversaries, they will make a fresh start by re-painting the graffiti on the wall under one key theme. For example, during the Tet holiday (a.k.a. the Lunar New Year) – the most important Vietnamese festival – all the walls are enthusiastically filled with graffiti and seasonal paintings about things related to Tet, such as cherry blossoms, apricot blossoms, lucky money, red envelopes… So, don’t forget to make plans to visit Vietnam and the 3A Station on the next Tet holiday!

A masterpiece by Saigonese street artists

Tet-themed graffiti

Besides, you can meet good looking young people with well-coordinated outfits that seem to come straight out of fashion magazines. Some of them could be actors and actresses, models, singers, or celebrities who have come here for filming TVC or doing fashion shoots for a new collection. The 3A Station, uniquely designed and free-of-charge, is now the first choice of young stylists and directors who want to display their work without paying too much. Beautiful young people who create works of art with all their heart generate positive energy to make your drop-by more meaningful.

Young people love coming here for perfect photos.

And some of them are singers, celebrities, actors, actresses, models…

The 3A Station attracts everybody, both the Saigonese and tourists, to come and immerse themselves in the world of art and creativity. For young people, this is the place to find entertainment, to encounter the creative and performing arts, and to meet new people with the same passion and commitment.

The 3A Station is an attraction for everybody, both the Saigonese and tourists.

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