The 10th Season of American Horror Story: What it Misses

Together with Sarah Paulson, and model and actress Kaia Gerber the 10th season got a pretty star cast, but low ratings. Is it the worst season yet?

The new season, which has been written by the stable leading duet Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, was well-awaited by fans, but unfortunately, it called the losing game in this fascinating TV-crime series. Even though the main plot is divided into two lines, including important social themes, it enlightens UFO invasion, the desire for infinite life and youth, and the greed and arrogance of talented people. Among the previous 9 seasons, the 10th stands out and follows the viewers to a dissapointing watch. 

The first five episodes in the season take place in a small town near the sea. Here, a screenplay writer`s family, together with wife and prolific violinist daughter, came for the inspiration to create more art. Moreover, Doris Gardner (Lily Rabe) the wife, with her second baby on the way, got a new job as well. Her husband, Harry Gardner (Peter Wittrock), a gifted writer in the middle of his career’s crisis, took this as a chance to put a fresh view on his career. Once Doris and daughter Alma walked beside the cemetery near their house, they noticed a cracked bald man, looking for the family. Later, several bald freaks approach Gardner’s house at night, only to ensue new chaos.

What happened with the powerful beginning? Yes, the start of the season was pretty intriguing and amazed with a freshness of the picture, screenplay, but to the final of the first part, it gradually runs out to the trivial dramatic story, mixed the echoes of Twilight, Matrix, the zombie apocalypse and whatever we can connect with vampires, drugs and zombie itself. In other words, it was a pretty powerful pull even though the quarantine restriction blocked the possibilities to empower the planned concept. On one hand, the idea failed the chance for a good anniversary season, on the other hand, the variety of strong casting was able to make up for its ideas. Here, the plot introduces various star duets, among them, Sara Paulson and Macaulay Culkin, Evan Peters and Frances Conroy – all of them are the prodigies in their capacity. All locals within the town accept a black drug to reveal the talent everyone held inside. The trick, is that all bald zombies accepted the medicine in their years past. After that, some of them turn genius and others waste away.

This ephemeral town is like a reflection of the world of demons who grow from the people – greed, arrogance, the pursuit of the endless youth and young blood, isolated talents, who distanced from the ordinary people. 

In the second part of the season discover the world of aliens and their invasions into the earth life. Do you remember the story where a UFO lands in the United States? This was the subject that distinguished the second plot point of the season with the first theme. American politicians of the last century fought with the alien’s invasions, while in the 21st century, a group of youth people, two girls and two boys, came to a campus fertilized by aliens. Dozens of pregnant human incubators were waiting for their part in the base. The Screenplay writer was trying to understand the cases of male’s pregnancy, timeless life and the special place they brought out to repeating people in our life circle. Sara Paulson appeared in the second part in both roles: a reincarnated wife of the US president Eisenhower and a while she was on the alien base, under the target and the risk of being killed. 

So, the 10th season was outstanding from the previous ones, but not so incredible. The shifted theme was the epimeric worlds, that could exist, particularly in the times of viral spreading. The team of creators showed two different edges of reality, they discovered topics of drug selling, drug-abusing, how people ruined their life with false illusions and beliefs. Even though these topics are on-demand, as everyone used to reflect on his emotions, particularly on the quarantine, it was not in the trivial American Horror Story theme. Not bad, not good, it’s just different. 



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