Tertiary Education Initiatives and Funding for Foreigners in Canada

Canada has been and remains one of the countries that is welcoming of immigrants. Despite this largely open approach the Canadians are fast reaching higher numbers of the ageing, the same as in most parts of the developed world. Today the population of the country stands at over 37 million and estimatedly over 17 percent are above 65. In 2014 15.6 percent of Canadians were over 65 and this percentage is going to hit a solid 23 percent as early as 2030.

One of the methods the government uses to combat the situation is to create the right environment for the young and this includes foreign students, many of whom eventually choose to settle in the country.

The world abounds with those who are talented but do not have the resources to study abroad and Canada stands as one of the leading nations to take initiatives to be more inviting of foreign students to support them and clear up the pathways to make their life easier.

Provinces of Canada

The country comprises of 10 provinces and three territories and under their constitution the provincial governments are mostly responsible for all stages of education. The federal government does not have a ministry of education. Despite this, recently, the government at the central level announced through their minister of trade diversification that a good, hefty almost 148 million dollars would be given as grants to foreign students.

Quebec in particular is facing, shortage of labour that has not been experienced in the last 40 years. So added to the grant by the Federal government the government of Quebec has also recently announced 55 million dollars in funding to help in the recruitment and integration of temporary foreign workers. This clearly means more part time jobs for foreign students as well.

Each of the provinces in Canada make announcements from time to time that would be of interest to foreign students and it would be a good idea for those who wish to study in Canada to visit some of the more useful websites and keep themselves abreast of the developments . Here are some of the websites that should be of interest:

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, The University of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia – International Student Program, International Students.

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